Saturday, February 28, 2009

Milk Glass Mania!!

I'm not supposed to buy anymore dishes. Patrick thinks that I have too many (maybe I do). Well, I've discovered what I think to be the source of my obsessions...Country Living Magazine. I love this magazine, and each issue has a section on collections. I remember years ago reading about collecting vintage aprons.

then this happened...then there was the piece on cake plates...

(just a few of them)

A few weeks ago it was blue & white china and I added these:

to my existing collection:

And the most recent issues was about simple white dishes:

milk glass mixing bowls

scallop edge plates

a tumbler and 4 custard cups

Maybe I have a problem....

I also bought another teapot (no picture) and a beautiful pink glass that just makes me want to have a ladylike bedroom or serve pink lemonade...

Ahh...the joy of antique dishes...but I do have a place for everything that I buy!

Also, I did more baking this weekend. More bread, a chocolate cheesecake, and double chocolate cookies. So delicious!

I really want to redo our bedroom. We haven't really ever done anything to it. We just moved straight in and left the paint as is. It's green and I'm not a huge fan of green anyway. I want to do something bright and airy...I used to want it to be more reds and golds, but now I just want peaceful. We don't have real bedroom furniture either...just hand-me-downs from when we lived w/our parents, but it's hard for me to decide what to do. BAH. But first I need to clean and organize it well. Patrick said that I could get a new dresser for Valentines day and I've had a hard time picking it out. I dunno...we'll see what happens!

Monday, February 23, 2009


My dear husband decided to surprise me today with roses! And I still had roses f/m valentines day, so now I have combined them into a lovely pink & red bouquet in my antique milkglass vase. AND he unloaded the dishwasher!! (that's a big deal for him--at least to do it w/out being asked).

butchy loves flowers

It was really good timing for me. I have been feeling somewhat strange about us. We've just both been snippy at each other lately. Nothing huge, but we also struggle with being so wrapped up in what we have going individually that we forget how to really connect with one another. We're putting more effort into it though, and that always helps! He is the love of my life--I can't believe that our 7 year anniversary is coming up in a few weeks! (dating, not marriage anniversary)

On another topic...I baked sourdough bread today and my house smells amazing! I love baking in general, but there is something special about making bread. I love the way that it feels when I punch it down and shape it into loaves after letting it rise all day. So gooey and warm and yeasty...that is true comfort! I just have to get some of this out of my house so I don't ruin the diet!

This week has started off crazy at work. I swear all of Bowling Green is sick--including half our staff! Hopefully it will slow down soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Since I am new to this whole blogging thing I figured the best way to start is by introducing here goes

I am a married 24 year-old with a bulldog and a house and a job where I have worked for nearly 8 years. I have been with my husband for nearly 7 years (almost 3 married). I guess what all this means is that I am a very stable--i think dependable--person. Sometimes I feel like I want to do something crazy and out of control, but really I like my life even if it is ordinary in some ways.

I love collecting things and have a bit of a compulsive shopping problem. My current obsession is teapots--I have purchased 6 in the past month or so bringing my total to 7. I have to sneak them in b/c I'm not supposed to buy any more dishes! I also loves cakestands (I have 11) and mixing bowls which I collect in mostly primary colors. I also buy cookbooks and magazines in large quantities, and sometimes really just depends on my mood.

I take pride in sharing my home with others--I am not a neat freak by any means or schooled in design, but I think my house is very homey--it looks just like my mom's in a lot of ways which cracks us up (we have the same slipcovers, color palette, and many of the same dishes). I want people who come over to feel comfortable to plop down on the couch, help themselves to food, and not worry if something gets spilled. I also don't want to make anyone feel that they have to be perfect to share their life. Reality is much more interesting and approachable.

Until my sophomore year of college I really did not understand how to have real relationships with other women. I had always focused my friendships on guys then I started a Bible study group and started learning about vulnerability. Now I have learned that you are much more approachable when you are honest about your failures and don't try to pretend that you have it all together. That is what I strive for.

My dream is to have a little bakery/tea room with a craft corner/reading nook. Then I could use my massive dish collection to serve yummy treats!

I love to feed people and am very very maternal in general. I love to cook homey meals and bake delicious snacks. To be totally honest, I sabotage my husband--he is only a few inches taller than me, and I have to make sure that he weighs more, so while I'm dieting I feed him extra treats.

I think I was created to be a mother, but until that time I will continue to dote on my bulldog.

I have a fear of running. I always think that my legs are going to go too fast and that I will fall down.

I have to sleep in socks. If I am not wearing socks I think there are bugs in the bed.

I cannot work without music.

Mariocart makes me curse like a sailor.