Tuesday, May 10, 2011

all confused...

I can't keep the days straight!  I keep thinking it's Friday.  I was checking my Google Reader and noticed some TWD posts and thought...wow, these people are posting really early--Tuesday isn't for several more days!  And then I saw another one...and another.  Oh yeah!  It is Tuesday!  But clearly I do not have a TWD post.  However, I do have 4 large casserole dishes in the fridge waiting for my end of the year Bible study retreat.  Our food plans are: lasagna w/salad & garlic bread, cheesecake, chess bars, Mexican dip & chips, & sausage & apple breakfast casseroles!  I'm getting ready to trek all that food out to the lake house of a family friend where I will spend the night with 8-10 lovely college ladies to enjoy time together before several of them graduate and move away.  Super excited!

So sorry about the lack of posts, but I just cannot make any more food than I'm currently doing!  I never thought I would need all 4 of my 9x13" pyrex pans all at once until I started working with college students!