Monday, March 9, 2009

being productive

I have decided that I waste WAY too much time. I love TV. this is not a secret. I also love playing games online. this is a much bigger time waster as I cannot multitask. This weekend I made a pact with myself not to waste time....and i DIDN'T!! YAY! I finally bought new bedding and after much arguing, convinced Patrick to let me paint our bedroom. If you know him you know that he is an 80 year old in a 30 year old body--but he's really 25 ;) (on a side note, I am very depressed about aging as we are so young, yet have had to start anti-aging rituals every night. I have wrinkles and have started using eye cream and wrinkle serum. :(. ) but back to Patrick--he is extremely set in his ways to be so young. He does not like change of any kind, even if it won't directly effect him at all. He has not wanted to make any changes to our bedroom since we bought this house. We never painted or even bought furniture--we just make do with a lot of hand-me-downs, but that's okay with me. I hated our room color though. It was this avacado-ish green, and I don't like green anyway (btw...he is yelling sports stats at me right now--he's really upset about Central being out of the regional tournament...just nod and offer sympathy) well, i've wanted to make our room pretty and light and relaxing, so when I found some bedding that I love at TJ MAXX (3 pillows, comfortor, and shams for less than $100) I decided to set it into motion. I put the bed together while he was gone and then called him to prepare him for the change before he got home. Then while he was at work on Friday I called him to try to convince him to let me paint, and I finally wore him down. the conditions: I had to do it myself and it had to be done while he was gone at games over the weekend. So I rushed and picked the color and got the whole room primed and painted by 7 on Saturday night! I will post pics soon, but my camera battery is dead. So, to make a long story short, I am super excited about our bedroom and also about finally getting something done on a weekend! Of course I've wasted tonight on the computer and watching DWTS...but I did make peanut butter cookies for a co-worker's birthday.

Work is drama and I don't want to go back.

Wow, this was really long and rambling....oh well


  1. I want to see pictures!!!! Patrick is a little old man, he reminds me so much of our Grandfather very stuck in his ways. By The By, tell him that it is your room too and you'll do what you want when you want. Your to nice to him, you want me to come over?? :)

  2. I want to see your room!

    I found this really cool design magazine in B&N today called Living Etc. but it's British and costs close to nine bucks. made me really excited that we're moving in two months and that means I might get to paint a new room...maybe not, but it's still exciting.

    love you!