Friday, December 4, 2009

lost my "mojo'

do you ever have a day when things are just off?? I have had that week--especially when it comes to the baking!

The week started with working from 8 am to 12 in the morning because I had to do our month-end close down at work. normally, this is a fairly painless process, just taking about 2 extra hours. Well, this time there was a perfect storm of crazy factors intent on making it ridiculous. The two preceding weeks had been shortened work weeks for me--one due to that miserably nasty stomach virus that kept me in bed, and the next being when I realized that Monday would be the last day of the month I had an idea that it would not be good. I was several days behind in posting payments, but to do month end you have to do have all payments posted, all statements and insurance claims billed, and all charges posted and journals closed. By the normal "end" of the day I still had about $13,000 worth of payments to post, as well as sending statements and claims. Then the "late night" receptionist came to me b/c she was missing some encounter forms which she needs in order to post the final charges. After finding all but one I told her ot go home and I would either leave the encounter open till the next day or find it. Well, I couldn't get it out of my head until I had checked every possible location in the office, so I wasted quite a bit of time that I should have spent posting my payments b/c it turned out that the patient had been admitted to the hospital. Well, by the time I finished my "work" and was ready to run the final reports, the system back up was already running, and therefore made the reports and statements take about twice as long as normal. I got a lot of other things done in that time, but it was driving me crazy!! Once 11:30 hit I told myself that I would finish sending out the mail I had printed, and if it wasn't done by then I would just clock out and let the report finish running over night--right when i was about to stuff my last envelope the report popped up on my screen!! I almost seriously cried with joy! By that time I was so tired that after I shut everything down I carried the mail out to my car!! Also, the one night that I was out late, we had our first really hard frost, and my car was completely iced over! I couldn't find my scraper, so I turned the car on w/the defroster & heat on high and slowly inched it blindly towards the building and then ran inside to put the mail back. I came back and found a scraper on the floor and drove home to pass out.

The next day everything was just off with the office and staff and I came in an hour late due to working super late the night before. I got a few baked goods orders to make when I got home and got everything done. I've tried to get some Christmas shopping in but am seriously striking out every time! I have managed to get a few small things for hubs and a gift for my massage therapist...but that is it! I need to get on the ball here! One of my coworkers requested brownies for her birthday... I will post about those later but that's when my baking started messing up a bit...I baked them the recommended time but decided they needed an additional five minutes which I set on the timer and then got enveloped in something else...who knows what. Well, apparently I did not turn the timer on. Normally I can really smell when things are about ready but maybe all the Christmas candles threw my smeller off. I didn't remember the brownies until at least 20 more minutes had passed!!! miraculously, they were okay, but I was a bit frustrated.

In addition to the work craziness, I am having another Open House this weekend for Scentsy, Creative Memories, and my baked goods. Well, my house was still in shambles from last week;s Thanksgiving orders and baking, and after this crazy work week nothing else had been done. I started planning my treats to make on Wednesday night and began separating the dry ingredients...well, even though I read and re-read my ingredient list I measured baking powder into my molasses spice cookies instead of baking soda. I did some furious research online and something said that you could double the amount of baking powder to replace baking soda and, though they may taste a little different, they should still work. The next day when I was doing all the baking, I doubled the milk called for in the icing of my iced peanut butter cookies...then when I made my fudge pie there was a weird goopy looking crater in the center. Once again, I forgot to set the timer on my snickerdoodles so they baked for a lot longer than normal... I spent way too much time on things I could practially do in my sleep at this point. I don't know...I'm just feeling "off" Everything ended up tasting fine though the textures of things are not the same as normal, but whatever, it's still free food for people to eat!

I think I'm just worn out after this week. I've spent over two hours tonight catching up on all the blogs I subscribe to but haven't been able to read this week...I think I just need to go to bed and hopefully it will be better in the morning!

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  1. that exhausted me just reading it!! goodness! hope the weekend gets better!