Tuesday, November 30, 2010

TWD catch up

I haven't been able to make the devilish shortcakes chosen this week by Tania of Love Big, Bake Often but they sound wonderful and I hope I get the chance to make them!  I have, however, made most of last month's recipes but just haven't gotten to post b/c of busyness.

So here they are:

Chosen by Emily of Sandmuffin: All-American, All-Delicious Apple Pie

I've got to say that this is my favorite of the bunch--I also made Dorie's pie crust and LOVE it...afraid it's going to have to replace my go-to recipe!   The only thing I changed is to use cornstarch instead of tapioca & to omit the lemon zest.  I've made this recipe 4 times--for a Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house for international students at WKU, for my Bible study Thanksgiving dinner, and also for Thanksgiving w/hub's family.  Crazy as it is to say, I had never made apple pie before! This is definitely a keeper though--and hubs' favorite!

Chosen by Janelle of Mortensen Family Memories: Caramel Pumpkin Pie
I was kinda "eh" about this...I used the rum as posted in the recipe--I always forget that Dorie makes really boozy desserts--and it was a bit too strong for my liking.  It mellowed a bit after a few days, but I think if I make this again I will definitely use apple juice in place of the rum!

Chosen by Jessica of A Singleton in the Kitchen: Not-just-for-Thanksgiving Cranberry Shortbread Cake
I made this one for Thanksgiving with my family and they LOVED it!  My mom said this was the kind of dessert that she always wanted to make :)  I thought it was very easy as well!

(Check out the links to the blogs for the recipes)


  1. Great round up. I loved the apple pie, too. But wish I would have left out the lemon zest, just a little too overpowering. I also loved the caramel pumpkin pie, but didn't use rum or apple juice and it was great.
    The cranberry "cake" was a big cookie to me, but good enough that I had to give it away. ;) Happy Holidays.

  2. It's lovely to see them all lined up. It makes me think of how hard the Dorie bakers work each month. All delicious. I couldn't choose between the apple pie or cranberry tart as a fav.

  3. they all look great! That's a lot of baking

  4. Whew! Sugar high!
    So, so yummy. All of this looks terrific and beautiful!
    The cranberry shortbread cake looks so unique and cool.

  5. They all look delicious. all definitely worth making again.

  6. Fun catch up post :) We liked the apple pie as well! :)