Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Hobby!

Ok--really this is just a new focus in my old hobby, but I am currently obsessed w/making stuffed animals!

I made my first--some little bears back in May 2010--and then made oh-so-many variations on that pattern, that I decided to start to branch out and make some other cutesy little things :).  I found an awesome animal pattern database and have gone crazy!

Here are some favorites:

monkeys for the twins

a bunny for a friend's new baby

cherries for my bestest's little one's toy kitchen:

A hippo just because he's friendly:

and because they are also friendly...

a cute little bluebird, another hippo, and a mouse on which i messed up the head: 

And, most special of all...

This little ducky friend

who oh-so-magically reverses...

and becomes a twirly-eared bunny!

I've also made a can of spam with slices and a wedge of cheese but forgot to take pictures of both of them :(. 

These have been such fun projects to do--I used to always make baby blankets but I've noticed that most of my friends w/kids end up with tons of blankets, plus these toys knit up a lot faster, are very original and safe, and they help me use up my massive stockpile of yarn!

If you are a knitter or a crocheter you should definitely look for free pattern databases online--there are so many creative and easy things that you can make!


  1. Can you teach me how to make these!?!?!?

  2. Love them all and so proud that some of them have found a home here :)

  3. These are SO cute! I love the monkey and the bunny. And the hippo! And the ducky. Shoot, I love them all! :)

    I love the bear you made for Charlotte, too!