Monday, August 2, 2010

the cutest little boys you ever did see

 On Saturday morning our family was blessed with two new arrivals.  Hubs's sister delivered the most precious little twin boys, Connor & Logan.  We got to see the precious little ones just a few short hours after their birth, and they are so tiny!


At 5 lb 5 1/2 oz. and born one minute earlier, Logan is the biggest and oldest.  And such a sleeper!  The little guy sleeps all the time and waves his arms and hides his face.  So cute!  He also makes little squeaky kitten noises.  eep! 
Being held by big sister Hannah.


Connor (at 2 days old here) is tiny!  He weighed 4 lb 10 oz. at birth (has gone down some now, as has Logan) and is just unbelievably itty-bitty!  He is very expressive and alert and is always looking around with his big blue eyes!  He looks like a wise old man in a teeny body : )

Getting a daiper change by mommy--not happy about it!
Look at that itty bitty belly! And his head is so small that they have two caps on his head so that the bigger one won't fall off.
Gotta love the tiny toes!

Last night and all day today I have gotten some very special alone time with Christi & the babies.  Since her other three kids are starting school tomorrow, I stayed with her while her husband went to help them get ready for school and get the house ready for the homecoming.  It has just been a precious time!  She & I have had more time to bond, and I have loved getting to hold and feed the little boys!  I must admit, it is scary at some points b/c they are so very small, but they are starting to eat and nurse well and are little champs! 

beautiful mommy & babies

Really, we are very blessed that they are in such good shape b/c her due date was not supposed to be until early September.  We knew that they would come early, and have honestly been preparing for them over the past 4 weeks--an "any day now" kind of situation--but we're glad that they stayed in as long as they did to grow and mature.  It is really amazing--they have not had to spend any time in the NICU and other than a tiny bit of jaundice and some potential reflux problems, their health seems perfect!  Praise the Lord!

 proud aunt & uncle (me & hubs) with the boys a few hours after their birth--I'm in love!


  1. I have loved every second I have spent with you over the last few days! It has been so cool getting closer to you as a sister and friend over the last few months. Thank you so much for all your help you have been a life saver! I love you!!

  2. What a blessing! That's so great they didn't have to spend any time in the NICU - God is so good!

  3. Congratulations Auntie! What a pair of cuties! My new niece was born about a month ago and I've been enjoying spending some time with her. It is such fun!