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2011 Year in Review

Hello there!  Are you surprised to see me here!  You should be...I have been the biggest slacker when it comes to blogging this year.  23 posts all year long, and only one post since the summer- *shame*  I have been keeping up w/reading my blogs that I follow, but not as much commenting or posting over here.  Not sure exactly why, but I just haven't been motivated.  I've continued w/lots of baking & a good deal of crafting, but just haven't written about it.

Oh well!  I really enjoyed looking back on my year in review f/m 2010, so I thought that I would go ahead and post one even though most of 2011 isn't chronicled on the blog in the first place--thankful for facebook timeline so I can have at least some idea of what happened last year!  This isn't too interesting, but oh well!

January: once again, lots of goals, and I started off pretty strong with lots of goals and plans for what to do w/my long break--and then chaos broke loose!  I went to visit my best friend at the beginning of them month & we went to a couponing seminar to learn how to save some money!  Then right after I got back my mom broke her ankle very severely. I was able to go to visit my friend again towards the end of the month, but then I got the flu and was in bed for a few weeks!  My first few weeks back w/my students were pretty much confined to being in bed.  Needless to say, it was a frustrating month!

facebook status of the month:  "evidence of the craziness of today: i've been running around with a meat mallet sticking out of my back pocket!" (jan 24)

February: Mostly I was just sick.  Sad :(  We did a big outreach event on campus, and most of my time was spent w/my Bible study girls in ministry--my group grew by 3 and our relationships got much closer--definitely the highlight!  Also had another visit to Spring Hill for time with friends--so good!

facebook status of the month:   "patrick: "it seems like i always see wrecks on memphis junction rd" me: who is rex?" #facepalm" (feb 7)

March: Honestly don't remember much about this month...seems like it was mostly cleaning, Bible study, and still a bit of sickness!  Did spend a lot of time w/mom while she was still off her feet.  I also had a spring break for the first time in forever, but just spent it recovering f/m so much sickness and cleaning.  Hubs & I did celebrate 9 years of being together on the 10th, as well as Butch's 4th bday (same day)
 time to clean!
facebook status of the month:  "Was telling my mom about the show "animal hoarders"... She thought that it was about animals who have too much stuff!" (march 8)

April:  Finally mostly healthy!  Lots of visits from former Bible study girls which is always fun :)  One of the highlights of the month was a retreat w/our CRU ladies out at lakehouse.  I was part of a panel to answer questions about life, love, faith, etc... Then the CRU guys "surprised" us (I knew about it) by singing to the girls, quoting Prov. 31 to them, and bringing carnations & cake. So sweet.  I love getting to witness the college students as they grow in fellowship, but I discovered that I am too old for all-night slumber parties & sleeping on screened porches!  Also, TWD was featured in Oprah magazine, and my pick was on the 11th!  Most visits to my blog EVER that day!  Also did lots of knitting :)

facebook status of the month:  "Butch just lost her mind & was cowering & growling in fear over.......my new toothbrush. Who says bulldogs are ferocious?" (april 11)

May: I turned 27!  Hubs gave me a beautiful sapphire ring :)  Had our final Bible study with that group, spent a night out at the Lakehouse w/the lovely ladies, and then most of them graduated!  My sister went on a mission trip to Japan...and then ended up staying!  Began "summer break"--love doing college ministry!

facebook status of the month:  "Terrifying=hearing a banging sound come fm your closet, then seeing the door slowly open by itself... stupid ninja cat. #heartattack" (May 1)

June: Started the month with a visit to Spring Hill, then my sweet friend Lacey came home from Ethiopia!  We had lunch and discussed the option of her moving back to BG & working w/CRU... Celebrated 5 years of marriage!  Started leading a summer Bible study w/my co-worker Jacob--loved that so much!  Started really working on exercise/weight loss, but no real improvement.  Developed SEVERE insomnia & sleep problems.  Then my grandpa passed away on the 23rd--while my dad was in Colorado, brother in NY, and sister in Japan.  It was extremely hard.

facebook status of the month:  "tonight, in an attempt to punish kitty for scratching him, hubs chased down our cat with the vacuum cleaner. It literally scared the crap out of him (kitty). He sat in a corner with his eyes all wide and when he stood up there was a little pile of kitty droppings. Biggest laugh we have had in a while!" (june 17)

July: My cat became extremely attached to me.  We had a memorial service for Grandpa.  My nephews turned one.  Discovered Pinterest!  And saw the final Harry Potter.  Enjoyed lots of time w/Lacey & other friends, and loved doing summer Bible study!  Hubs also started branching out a bit in our normal food rotation :)

facebook status of the month:  "i showed my husband one of my favorite boards in Pinterest w/tons of beautiful room designs that I love. He said "Ugh. I wouldn't be caught dead in any of those rooms." *sigh*" (jul 23)

August: My little brother got engaged.  Another Spring Hill trip.  Got involved more w/the women @ my church.  Lacey decided to stay here!  Started a whirlwind of planning, retreats, and MASTER PLAN to get geared up for the 2011-2012 school year!  Met my new group of Bible study girls!

facebook status of the month:  "I watch Hoarders...then I watch Pickers. I feel like I'm getting conflicting messages about stuff." (aug 10)

September: Women's social events w/CRU started.  Bible study & discipleship in full swing.  A last trip to Spring Hill before Jordan moved to AL.  Edmundson family photo session.  Went to CRU Fall Getaway for the first time since I graduated--learned that I CANNOT sleep on 4-H camp mattresses!  Met lots more CRU ladies.

facebook status of the month: "I was asking hubs about a coffee cake recipe I was making and mentioned that the sour cream would give it a fluffy texture. His response: "ugh.  you know I don't like texture" (sept 28)

October: Hubs turned 28!  Got to tell some people about Jesus :)  Hosted another CRU women's pumpkin carving party.  Enjoyed a Halloween at home with hubs--first time we were both free since getting married!  Got sick again :(

facebook status of the month:  "Who just found & replaced a blown fuse on her car? This girl! What-What!! ;) Needed a win today after dumping a whole cup of water on myself while out to lunch!" (Oct 18)

November: A month of extremes.  Loved leading a women's purity event and speaking to a large group for the first time.   Good Thanksgiving though both families felt the losses.  Heartbroken for a friend who lost her daughter, then we lost Patrick's grandma the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  One huge joy--God provided a new car for us!  I've been driving my '89 camry since I was 16 & we were planning to get a new car this year.  Then a ministry supporter contacted my parents & wanted to donate a van to the ministry--we now have a 2001 Honda Odyssey!

Bible study Thanksgiving dinner
Hubs' grandmother
facebook status of the month:  "sitting in my living room watching all 3 other members of the household nap...and snore. Yep, the hubs, dog, and cat all snore ;)" (Nov. 3)

December; Enjoyed the "Evening of Elegance" put on for the CRU ladies by the guys. However, the same day one of the girls I discipled was killed in a car wreck.  Heartbreaking.  I was blessed to be able to share the gospel w/a school reporter in an interview about her for the school paper though. Got to go to CRU and a party after which was a blast w/our students.  Then it was Christmas break!  Hosted 3 Christmas parties within 3 days--but didn't get sick!  I was able to really take it slow & enjoy Christmas this year which was such a blessing.  Lots of time w/good friends and family :)

Sarai--my student who passed away
facebook status of the month: Dec 13: "So first I set the timer to reheat pizza but forget to put the pizza in the oven. Then, I put the pizza in but forget to set the timer. Of course :/"

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  1. Yay! I like your year in review! And I've MISSED YOU!!! Can't wait to hear more!