Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals: 2011 vs. 2012

Once again, I am making resolutions & evaluating last year.  Some were big fat failures, some I actually accomplished! 

So here are the goals for 2011:
1.  Lose at least 30 pounds.  Big fat failure.  Basically I maintained from this year to last.  I actually gained over spring semester of 2011. Then lost about 5 pounds since the summer.  I can do better and I will this year!

2.  Eat a salad for at least 4 meals each week & exercise at least 5 times a week. Nope.

3. Focus on quality time w/hubs & a focused dinner at least once a week.  Not every week, but we did better at this.

4.  Give myself freedom to throw things away.  Much improvement!  Donated & recycled a lot!

5. Declutter & organize. Always room for improvement, but we got rid of a lot this year for sure!

6.  Start a cleaning schedule for non "common areas".  Not great at a regular schedule, but I did this much more over the past year

7.  Time w/God daily.  I would say I did this 85% of the time.  The end of the year is always hardest for me so I struggled some, but still improved.

8.  Do the 90 day Bible challenge again.  Nope.  Tried this over the summer but just wasn't motivated enough to keep up w/the reading load.  I'm ok with that though.

9.  Learn to coupon!  Complete success!  Have a stockpile, binder, and lots of savings!

10.  Catch up on my scrapbooks.  Not at all...

11.  Cook from my cookbooks.  I think I did a little better, but not enough to support having so many.

So for 2012 resolutions--this may be a bit repetitive, but we're going for honesty here!

1.  Lose at least 20 pounds!  I have been thinking a lot about what I did when I had lost weight a few years back and how it was different & here are some things that I need to do better:  1.  Track my food!  I was about to eat lunch today & I entered what I was planning to eat before I had lunch...well, that changed my lunch plans!  I vastly underestimate the calories I regularly consume so tracking really helps. 2.  Exercise at least 5 days a week--even if only for 15 minutes.  I got my gazelle back out today & it was so easy to do that while watching TV!  There is no excuse not to do something each day. 3.  Get accountability.  I joined a SparkPeople group for a January challenge, and it is just easier for me to do what someone plans for me than trying to pick f/m all my options.  These things will equip me to do better this year. I'm lowering my goal loss to make it less daunting, but I can do this.

2.  Read through the Bible.  I've started a read the Bible in one year plan which is much more achievable for me than the 90 day challenge.  It's only about 4 chapters a day (though if I keep reading the notes in my ESV study Bible as I go through can still take a bit of time) and it includes bits f/m 4 different books which is nice for some variety.

3.  Read at least 5 of my religious/devotional books.  I have so many devotional books on my shelf that I have not read yet!  Got to remedy this.  I've started the year picking up a book I had started but never finished, so finishing it will be quick & easy!  Last year I had a devotional that was for every day of the year, this year I will be able to switch it up more.

4.  Use it or Lose it!  Time for me to purge things that I am not using.  I started making progress on this last year, but I have a lot more to go.  Specific areas to do this are clothing, magazines, books and cookbooks, and craft supplies.  For magazines (all but my cooking subscriptions that I use & a few other favorites) that means recycle, donate, or give to a friend when I am done reading it.  For books I am reading through my vast library, and if I don't like the book enough to either finish it or read it again, I take it to consignment.  New book acquisitions need to be for my Kindle!  For cookbooks, I am going through them, marking recipes I want to try, and if I don't try them I will start getting rid of them.  Clothing--if it is out of style, doesn't fit, or is too worn out, it's time to go!  No more stressing about getting it to consignment, I need to cut my losses & take a bunch to Goodwill.  When it comes to craft items, I have a lot that is ready to go on ebay so I need to list those.  In general, I need to see what is realistic for use & get rid of the rest.  Then find a good way to organize--we are talking about getting a large craft cabinet to go in our front room where all my crafts can be stored...except maybe the yarn.

5.  Eat more fresh food.  Couponing has been great, but has also increased my dependency on processed things.  Not good!  Use what I have left but stop buying cookies & chips--homemade snacks are better anyway!  Also, I tend to make hubs a dinner f/m scratch each night, but then do something processed or packaged for myself.  I am worth a fresh meal too!

6.  Redo our bathroom.  I've wanted to do this since we moved into the house but just haven't made the time.  I have to do it this year!

7.  Complete at least one scrapbook.  I'm setting up a table in our front room where I can leave my albums out so I can work on them more consistently. 

8.  Limit coupon use to what we NEED.  Started couponing & stockpiling...we probably have more cereal than we can ever eat.  Even if it's a great deal, it's worthless if don't use it before it goes bad!

9.  Focus on friendships.  Working in ministry wears me out relationally, and I can tend to forget about mutual friendships and focus on "solving other people's problems" instead of sharing about what is going on in my life.  I need at least a monthly phone date with one of my long-distance friends, at least a monthly lunch date with a lady who is in a similar stage of life/not one of my students, and monthly messaging with other friends.

10.  Quality time w/hubs each week: Whether that is a date out or eating at the table so we really talk, each week we must have some time that doesn't involve watching TV or a movie.

11.  Focus more on my appearance.  That may sound vain, but I am a very low-maintenance lady and I honestly dress like a slob too much.  Especially on days that I am home, I tend to just wear yoga pants & a v-neck T w/no make-up & air-dried hair.  I think the slobbiness has contributed to the weight issues b/c stretchy pants don't let you know when the weight is creeping up!  I feel even worse about myself since I'm always around skinny trendy college kids.  It's time to stop telling myself that I don't deserve to look nice until I lose weight--I need to take pride in my appearance wherever I am.

12.  Finish raising my monthly support for CRU.  The ministry I am involved in requires you to raise donations to get paid.  Right now I'm working at less than half of my monthly goal--much less than I made in a day at my old job.  I don't like fundraising.  It stresses me out and I feel guilty, but this is what God has called me to, and it's part of the job.  I know God will provide but I have to be faithful to work on it as well.

Well, that's it for my 2012 goals.  It's a lot but so much is what I'm already working on that I feel I can at least make progress.  What areas of your life are you working on for this year?


  1. Woohoo! You can do it Sarah! Can I be on the monthly (or every few months since I probably should share you) phone date list? I need to do better in that area too, it is often so difficult for me to converse with people long distance, but its still important because I want to maintain those friendships! I can't wait to hear about your successes!

  2. I'm with you on the resolution to focus on appearance. I'm the exact same way.. Even going to work where I'm around people ALL day long, I still dress like a slob with wet hair and barely any makeup. Let's look pretty even if it's just for ourselves!

  3. those look like some great resolutions! i have many myself. my word of the year is peace: to maintain inner and outer peace as much as possible! AND to bake even more, if that is at all possible haha.
    mini baker