Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January check-in

One month of the year down!  Sadly, I am ending this month sick which I have been afraid would happen.  However, this January I was much more focused on my goals and working towards them than I have been in a long time!  I got a lot done and though the month is ending on a bleh note, I feel pretty good overall!

So let's break it down:
1.  Lose at least 20 pounds.  I'm down a little over 3!  This was one of the most frustrating things for me this month.  I started out so well and for two weeks exercised & tracked my food every day but only lost a few ounces!  Finally things started picking up and by the end of last week I was down 3.4 pounds total.  I am kinda nervous to step on the scale this week b/c w/being sick I have not worked out as much and have not eaten as well :/  However, I am not going to let this derail me as I have in the past.  Going to the dr. tomorrow, and still trying to eat well and do a bit of exercise.

2.  Read through the Bible.  I think I'm a day behind, but I've been consistent with my plan and am really enjoying it!

3.  Read at least 5 of my religious/devotional books.  I finished one (I had already read the majority) and am 1/4 of the way through another, so doing pretty well!

4.  Use it or Lose it! I have made it through all the January magazines that I own!  I know that sounds silly, but I have my "shelf of shame" in the front room where I had been shelving my magazines that I got but didn't get around to reading.  I have divided them by month and am going through each of them in that month time frame--tearing out a few articles & recycling or giving away the rest!  Seriously, there were about 20 for January.  I'm doing this each month too!  I also donated a TON of stuff to goodwill--literally filled my van so that I could barely see!  I also reorganized my kitchen cabinets, and organized our bedroom closet & have consistently been keeping our room clean.  Feeling good here!

5.  Eat more fresh food.  Hmm...I've done a bit better--had several salads & wraps but have also relied a lot on my lean cuisine for improvement for sure.

6.  Redo our bathroom.  Not yet.  But I did get a new bathmat.

7.  Complete at least one scrapbook.  Haven't worked on one yet :/  And the table plan that I had thought about...well, my Bible study just doubled, so instead of a scrapbook table, I just have a super long dinner table to hold 12-13 girls + me! I kinda prefer that use though :)

8.  Limit coupon use to what we NEED.  I think I'm doing better here as well...and also at eating what we have in stock.  Not sure how to quantify it though.  We still have too much cereal :/
9.  Focus on friendships.  Improvement--I made a trip to AL to visit my bestie and saw two other really great friends on the way down & back as well.  Also making more of an effort to hang out w/the church ladies.

10.  Quality time w/hubs each week:  The beginning of January we were just off somehow, but we are definitely making more time to sit and talk to each other lately and it helps a lot!  Also praying together before bed :)
11.  Focus more on my appearance.  Also improvement.  I got some more "trendy" clothes & got complimented by my college students :)  It is still more comfortable to wear my slobby clothes, but I'm making an effort!  I even noticed the other day that I've gotten used to who I look with eye makeup, when before I rarely wore it.

12.  Finish raising my monthly support for CRU.    Not one bit.  

So, all in all, I've at least been working on these areas and have made a lot of progress in my habits!  Definitely have room to grow, but change takes time right?


  1. Very impressed by your progress in just 1 month! Keep it up for 11 months and I bet you'll have them all finished and more! Love the new clothes, and praying with Patrick before bed - good idea!

  2. WooHoo! You go Sarah! This is a great start toward your goals! I agree with Jordan if you keep up the pace you will have them all accomplished by December for sure!