Friday, April 3, 2009

i have been in a weird funk for the past few weeks, but i'm not sure why...some of it has to do with my inconsistency with taking my pills over the weekends i'm sure. i don't like to be dependent on them. bah.

after that night when i freaked out and subscribed to all those magazines i have been working hared at not spending money. i didn't go to any store but the grocery for a few weeks, and this week i ventured out to my mecca--the consignment shops on broadway and the bypass, and tjmaxx...but i am so proud of myself! at grandma's attic (where i dropped off 4 boxes of stuff to sell) i got a lovely little teapot, but i had $1.75 on my account from sales and then the owner gave it to me for half price anyway, so it was practically free! then at the clothes lion i bought nothing, and was paid $5 for my consignments! at tjmaxx i only spent $17, $10 of which was on a gift card. i lusted over a beautiful blue & white teapot, but it was $60 so i didn't even think about it. i am feeling proud of my willpower and am trying to look at things based a little more on needs and less on impulse!

one thing that has had me down so much lately has been my health. i feel like i have a few days of feeling okay, and then several days of crap. it's gotten me really discouraged about my "healthful lifestyle" goals b/c every time that i get geared up and start working out and eating really well for a few days, i get knocked out with something again, be it a cfs/fibro flare up, sinus infection, stomach virus, whatever. i wanted to go see my best friend in nashville today and yesterday i had just started feeling really awful by the afternoon and was running a fever that night. i spent most of today in bed or on the couch, but then got a quick burst of energy for about an hour and used it to be productive and pull some weeds in the yard. now i'm all yuck again. i think part of this has been my inconsistency with exercising and eating well--i just always want to eat comfort food when i feel sick--and for me that does not equal salads and veggie wraps!

this morning/early afternoon i had some nice relaxation though. i decided to make my obsession useful and brewed a pot of tea for my sore throat and drank it out of my pretty blue willow teacup and read over my new Tea Time magazines (from the subscription bonanza a few weeks ago...). it was quite lovely.

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  1. "subsription bonanza" Ha.

    I'm so proud of you for your shopping restraint! It can be so hard, though. When I worked at Old Navy, I wanted to buy stuff all the time.

    ps. I miss Mactavish. :(