Saturday, April 25, 2009

tonight was a much-needed great night. our dear friend stephen is in town for a few weeks and we just had him over for pizza and hanging out for about 4 hours. he is getting married in less than a month and it was so great to see him and just talk about everything in our lives. the great thing is that since he is such an old friend for both of us, patrick really feels comfortable opening up to him and we were able to be open about things that we haven't really talked about with other people--we joked that he was being a counselor for us. it was just wonderful to have this kind of fellowship--but it makes me want it more consistently and i'm not sure where to find it! these kinds of relationships can't just be fabricated, but prayerfully we will find more people that we can connect with together.

i'm trying to trust God with everything--the kid stuff, health, our walks with Him, everything. it's hard, but that's life i guess.


  1. If that's the Stephen I think it is, then I think I remember telling you my high school friends and I thought he was soooo cool. He was such an awesome Joseph in the musical :)

  2. I'm glad you got to see him. I know Patrick has always thought alot of him. I have really had you on my mind alot latley. I love you!!!!