Sunday, July 26, 2009

for cake class this week we did the wilton clown cake. i was a bit lazy w/the colors again, but i think it worked w/the yellow and black. very cheery!

for the cake i made dorie greenspan's "perfect party cake" that i saw on all the "tuesdays w/dorie" blogs that i am so desperately wanting to book just hasn't come in yet! the recipe says that the cake is best the day of, and sadly i had to bake it a few days before icing, (baked tuesday b/c wednesday night i wanted to spend some time w/my grandpa who came in to visit and class wasn't until thursday) so it dried out just a bit. the flavor was really good though. i just hate the wilton buttercream! :( i'm going to cheat and try another recipe for my last cake. does anyone have any suggestions for a good buttercream that can be used for decorating? i think i want to ice the cake w/chocolate icing. patrick really wants a white cake (the dorie cake had too much lemon flavoring for his taste).

i also had a wonderful date w/my dear friend and former bible study girl, lacy. we got to have a sushi date and then went treasure hunting at the clothes lion--and we found lots of treasures!! one of the favorites were a set of 12 jenaer glass coffee mugs (i looked them up online) which we split. so delicate and beautiful! sadly they did not come with the saucers. i got a blue & white platter and a really cool casserole dish (i think?) so much fun!

this week i have TONS of baking to do: two pies for an order on wednesday, another cake for class, and a tirimasu! also need to throw together a casserole for an office potluck on friday. i'll post pictures though, as well as a post tomorrow for my first ever daring bakers challenge!!! yay!!

if you want to read some more about life you can check out my sparkpeople blog here which i just updated as well.



  1. are we going to have a group movie date of Julia and Julia? i think we should and then go to your house and eat your cooking!!!!

  2. Sarah!!! I'm behind on blogs!! It's so cool that you looked up those cups. I guess they're not old, they're still very cool. I'm betting we bought a bunch of espresso cups? I want some of the other sizes. They're so pretty.

    Also, Fefferfluff the feathery friend has a new home on the mantle in my room. I think she likes it there. :)

    And! I agree with B. We need a group date to go see Julia and Julia. Exciting.