Sunday, July 19, 2009

rose carnage # 2: attack of the pups

due to the wonderful weather and amount of rain that we have received this summer, my rose bushes have grown a lot, and since this horrible event, butch has stayed away from them to my knowledge.

well, today it all went horribly miserably wrong! we have been dogsitting for a friend and this morning (which i think was the time of the incident) we put the pups out alone for several hours. i didn't go out and look around until about 7:30, when i looked over and saw rose petals all over the flower bed. i walked over and was dismayed to find that one of my bushes had been ripped to shreds only leaving little stumps!

in the background you can see how high the other bush has gotten

i am not sure which of these pups was repsonsible, or if it was a joint effort, but i sadly must imagine that butch had a least a hand in it...i don't think elmo has that much destructive power in his little body!

they both look guilty to me...

now they are sleeping soundly as if nothing ever happened. little stinkers!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog - nice to see another cookbook addict! Cute pups, too!

  2. Aww how can you stay mad at those faces????