Friday, June 11, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Happy Friday to you, Happy Friday to you, Happy Fab Five F-RI-DAYYY, Happy Friday to you!!
Once again, joining Emily and the girls to list 5 things that made our lives fab this week!

I think this one is going to become a food edition...let's see!

1.  Bruster's Ice Cream

We have gone out on ice cream dates a couple of times in the past month, and Bruster's is awesome!  Peanut Buttter Puddles is officially my favorite flavor.  My favorite thing about it is that they give a free mini "pup-cone" to your dog if you bring them (even in the car)--it's a little scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a dog biscuit!  (and if you have a human child under a certain height they get a free kids cone too--minus the dog biscuit of course ;) )   We went out last night for our anniversary and it was so fun!  It makes me feel like we're in a really small town b/c everyone hangs out eating ice cream and we met all kinds of people who wanted to pet our pup.  Also, we're always looking for places that we can go as a "family" (aka w/Butch) so it's a nice fun treat for all of us.

2.  Griff's deli
This is one of my favorite lunch places in town.  I am in LOVE with the T-bird panini--like a turkey club but with avacado instead of lettuce.  YUM!  It's kinda expensive, but the sandwiches are big enough for me to make it last for 2 meals.  Plus, it's super close to my office!

3. Strawberry shortcake
For TWD this week we made homemade shortcakes and they were amazing!  Perfect for my favorite summertime dessert--and all fresh this time, no processed cool whip or bisquick shortcakes.  Hubs even liked them!

3.  The Pioneer Woman's Homemade Chicken strips

(image from her site, not mine)
I've been doing more meal cooking this week and decided to branch out a bit and make some homemade chicken strips that I had recently bookmarked from The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  As all food bloggers know, Ree is the queen when it comes to good stick-to-your bones (and belly) food.  I figured that this would be plain enough for even hubs to eat ;).  They took a little longer to cook through than she says on the recipe, but they came out really good.  "Like real chicken strips" per hubs.  And he liked them!! woohoo!  

4.  Fresh cherries
I know most people are going crazy for strawberries right about now, but for eating out of hand, cherries are really my favorite.  I love it when you can get them for a fairly reasonable price!  Honestly, I usually prefer to just eat them plain than to bake with them, but since I got a cherry pitter last year I may branch out and try some real cherry desserts.

5.  Croissonic Bacon Sandwich

"Number 14 please with a bacon sandwich, tots, and a diet Dr. Pepper"
Not a good choice, but  I sure do love it!  My favorite was honestly the breakfast ciabatta sandwich but they got rid of it :(  *sigh*  I only allow myself to get this maybe once a month, but I sure do love it! And I eat it for lunch,  not breakfast.  (I know, I'm weird).  I had one this week and it was all I could have wished for!

Well, cleary I did not make great food choices this week, but there were things to celebrate so we enjoyed some of our favorite treats.  What about you?  What foodie treats will make your week fab?


  1. I wanted to talk all about food in my Fab 5 too - Oreos, fudsicles, well... now I can't remember them all, maybe it was cause I hadn't eaten lunch yet :)

  2. I have made PW's chicken strips before and they are fabulous!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your words with me. It does help to know I am not alone. I am actually taking zoloft...haven't seen any change yet, but I have been told it takes time. I am not giving up. :)