Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!

This week I have been agitated and aggravated and antsy and angry and all kinds of negative "a" emotions. 

Seventeen days ago I posted this about a new change coming up in my life.  After 10 years, I turned in my resignation at the pediatric office where I work.  I gave them a month notice, with my last day set as June 30th.  After over 3 months of deliberating and praying before making/announcing this decision, I've run through the gamut of emotions and am honestly kind of over it.  I know that when the time comes to leave I will be completely and utterly heartbroken over the people that I will no longer be in every-day contact with, but I have honestly loved the moments this month when I have done something I'm not fond of with the knowledge that it would be the "last time."

Well, there is this thing about having four physicians with completely different ideas, schedules...pretty much the responsible parties for moving forward in this situation.  They take their time.  I thought that 30 days notice was reasonable--generous even!  Apparently not.

Here is how the decision-making timeline has gone thus far:
  • June 1: handed in my resignation letter to the physicians and met w/each one to discuss why, etc..
  • June 2: physicians schedule meeting on June 4 to discuss how to move forward
  • June 3: physicians reschedule meeting to June 7 due to scheduling conflicts (one week gone)
  • June 7: physicians meet to discuss moving forward.  Decide to put ad in next Sunday's paper=another week gone w/no real progress
  • June 13: Advertise opening at our office in paper
  • June 14-16: I review resumes and do phone interviews/screenings
  • June 17-18: 4 interviews scheduled with physicians.
Okay, so as I was doing these phone interviews and scheduling interviews w/the docs I came to a realization.
If we hire someone who currently has a job...the first available date for them to start after giving 2 weeks notice would be July 5...remember that my last day was supposed to be June 30?
Then I walked over to two of the physicians who were discussing how to do interviews and they brought up the fact that one of the docs has been on vacation all this week and unable to do interviews, and another would be gone all next week (21-25).  But they want to have all four meet with the top 2 candidates to make a decision.  This means that a decision would be impossible to make until June 2 weeks if the candidate has a job = new hire's start date is somewhere in the week of July 12-16--right smack dab in the middle of the vacation week I had planned in Florida with my parents and know, because I was supposed to have had my last day two weeks before!  Of course, during this conversation they were discussing me training the new hire so I knew they weren't planning on doing it without me.

After some thinking and grumbling to one of my coworkers and overall frustration I took a calendar over to each of the physicians and told them that we had to discuss "logistics."  I would not cancel my vacation.  If they can make a decision quickly that would be preferable, and I will agree to work 2 days a week--no more--through July to make sure that the new hire gets adequately trained.  Shew.

In reality, it is not a horrible situation.  I mean, I will continue to be paid for a bit more time than I had planned and will still be able to rest and recoup and start some of the therapy things that I was planning on.  It was just frustrating.  My coworkers are happy with this option b/c I will be around longer, and I think the gradual change will be a good thing as well.  The whole situation has just given me a headache!  Craziness!  So I'm in it for a while longer.

I have so many fun posts that I want to write with some Butch stories & friend stories & recipes, but my mind has just been so foggy from this crazy.  I'm ready to go to sleep!  Will post fun things soon :)


  1. You know, you're a much nicer person than most of us would be. This is not your problem. You gave them your departure date and their lack of forward motion shouldn't affect you at all. But isn't it satisfying to know this will soon be behind you?!

  2. You really are being super nice about this. Like Leslie said, it's not your problem, but you're doing a really great thing by staying around to help out. I hope it works out that you are able to leave within a reasonable time from.

    And I understand your mind being fogged from all the crazy--I can definitely relate! :)

  3. ugh, what a mess. I'm so sorry you have to stay during some of July too. Maybe you'll find someone that won't need 2 weeks notice at a current job and could start immediately. Then you wouldn't have to work all or much of July? But if you do work in July, maybe you can save that money special for something. Then it would be like you are working extra, but every little bit goes into your special fund? Just a thought!

  4. Ugh, I don't envy you that situation. Good for you for not letting go of your vacation.

    Too bad you couldn't have told them they have you pay you more for everyday they keep you past your scheduled last day. ;)

  5. The longer you are there the better for us :) Seriously though I'm sorry I know your ready to start this new chapter in your life. LOVE U!

  6. Totally agree with the above ladies that you are being very gracious about this whole situation. I'm still very happy you are moving away from this job though. I think it will be the best possible help for your health! You wouldn't happen to be coming close to our part of FL would you?