Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TWD: double apple bundt cake

 For this week's TWD challenge, Lynne of Honey Muffin chose the Double Apple Bundt Cake from pp. 184-184 of BFMHTY. 

With shredded apples and apple butter in the mix, this really is a perfect (and perfectly moist!) cake to celebrate actual fall weather!

I left out the nuts & raisins this time b/c some of the girls in the Bible study aren't huge fans, plus it means that I actually have a chance that hubs will try it!

I also didn't make the glaze...a lemon glaze w/this doesn't sound appetizing to me, but I'm contemplating adding a caramel glaze before Bible study tonight.

 Dorie says that the grated apples melt into the batter and it is so true!  You don't get the texture from them, just a pure fresh apple flavor as well as the lovely spices and moistness from the apple butter.  Fabulous!

Thanks so much to Lynne for this pick, and be sure to check out her blog for the recipe and the TWD leave your link post to see who baked along this week!


  1. looks like a beautiful sun flower :)
    I used an old Dorie recipe for apple cake, from her book "Sweet Treats" @ Buttercreambarbie

  2. Your autumn-y photo reminds me that it's time to decorate the house. Your cake looks like a huge success!

  3. I hope the bible study group liked it! It looks so good! I think a caramel glaze would be perfect! Another TWD gal did that, it looked very good! I tired the lemon glaze and it was fine!

  4. I'm sure it was enjoyed by all!

  5. Your cake looks great! I can only imagine how delicious this cake would be with a caramel glaze, excellent idea!

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  7. Lovely cake. Pretty presentation. congrats on your win.