Monday, October 11, 2010

Conspiracy theory...

Do you remember the little problem i have with magazines??  I've been good about cutting back and not renewing the gazillion that I subscribed to in my crazy subscription spree because I have absolutely not been able to get through them fast enough...I think i have enough unread magazines to last me years!  Also I've been working on getting rid of the junk that is overflowing my house, and one of those things is the magazines that I for some reason have kept for lots of years.  I've gone through some of them to find recipes that I want to keep, and in doing so have discovered a disturbing trend...

 notice any similarities??

  anything yet?

 is it just me or are the magazine cover designers lazy??

 these are the issues that mad me notice first...
and i think these two issues from February of 2004 & 2005 are the worst--they even have some of the same cover titles!

Now I will give it to them, these issues are from around 2003-2006 and since then they have drastically changed the cover design to make it less cluttered and more modern, and with that they seemed to have come up w/some new design ideas ;)  But I kinda felt jipped--instead of subscribing for all those years I could have just read the same issue each year and probably had the same information!  (and sorry to kinda be picking on Woman's Day--those were the issues that I had available, but I have noticed this in other magazines as well).


  1. Well, I always figured that a lot of the article topics and such must be repeated (especially with magazines like parents) cause there is only so much out there to write about year after year after year. But to recycle the same covers?? You gotta change more than just what the popsicle are sitting in people. good catch sarah! I think it'd be funny to email it to them and see what they say.

  2. ha!!! i, too, have more magazines than i have time to read, and have noticed a lot of these types of similarities as well. pretty crazy that they can just keep putting out the same magazine [o: