Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TWD: chocolate oatmeal drops

Wow...I have been a bad blogger lately.  And things have been so crazy that I'm quite confused about the days.  I finally got a moment to sit down w/my google reader and saw a TWD post.   My thought was "Oh yeah, that's tomorrow...I guess I could go ahead and schedule my post so it will be up first thing in the morning..."  Then I kept scrolling through reader and saw two more TWD posts--oh crap!  Today IS Tuesday!  So here, even though I baked the cookies five whole days in advance, I am posting towards the end of the day. 

 I made these cookies Friday evening when several of my sweet Bible study girls came to hang out and watch movies :).  They are very much like a brownie in cookie form, and were great warm from the oven, but I must say that I wasn't sure about the oatmeal in them.  I felt kinda like the oatmeal was an add-in like chocolate chips...but to me oatmeal isn't quite special enough to be the special addition to a cookie.  I think maybe I would have liked them better w/more oatmeal or w/chocolate chips instead.  We ate some and then I sent the rest on w/my sister to a friend from high school who has recently had a loss in his family.  I think chocolate cookies are perfect for sad hearts!
For the recipe you can either flip to page 75 of Baking from My Home to Yours (which I know you bought after seeing all the TWD posts right?  right?  well, you should!)  Or you can head over to Caroline & Claire's blog: Bake with Us where they posted the recipe. 

Oh yeah, and when I was really sick a few weeks ago, I actually did make the Great Grains muffins picked by Christine of Happy Tummy, but I never got around to posting about them--or eating all of them for that matter.  Made them on Feb. 1 and took this picture of the remaining muffins yesterday (didn't finish them--they went in the trash after their photo shoot).  They were ok, but I left them completely plain b/c hubs doesn't do fruit or nuts but likes muffins, but then they were too plain.  Oh well...

 Don't forget to check out the TWD leave your link post to see who baked along!


  1. Nice of you to share the cookies. They weren't my favorite either. I had higher hopes for them, but I was more than happy to share them anyway.

  2. Sharing is one of my favourite things about baking. It's nice to have a hobby that others can benefit from. Thanks for baking with us this week.

  3. Lovely muffins. Could you please send me an e-mail? iahawk89 at comcast dot net. It's about the recipe rotation.