Saturday, May 2, 2009

rose carnage

For an early birthday present, my mom bought me two rose bushes to plant in our yard. I have been so excited to see them bloom. I have watched as the first buds slowly began to open...

and then, horror of horrors!

Butch had plucked the buds off of the bush, and ripped apart the one full bloom! How do I know it was her? Glad you asked....when I was examining the bush she was standing beside me, and literally belched a rose petal onto the ground.

she was not repentant

Kitty, on the other hand, was shocked and horrified at Butch's deviance.

I got really mad, and soon Butch was begging for forgiveness, and trying to show me that she was truly sorry.

There are new buds on the bush that I'm hoping will get to mature without being made into a bulldog snack, and in the meantime I put the surviving buds in a lovely little milkglass dish where they are starting to bloom!

In other news, I have been baking up a storm:

strawberry shortcake, rhubarb pie, and blondie pie

And have amassed a small collection of teacups and a lovely new pitcher!

In general, i am cutting back financially so that we can be moving towards baby stuff, but my birthday is on Monday so i did a tiny bit of shopping this weekend.

We are also keeping my parent's dog, Autumn (dad called me as I was getting off work on Thursday and said "me and your mom took off and are halfway to Alabama, can you keep our dog?). She and Butch are best friends, but a rainy weekend is not a good time to have a large golden retriever stuck in the house w/a tenacious bulldog! They are covered in mud two seconds after being let outside together, so we have been staggering "potty breaks." My floors are covered with muddy paw prints, and the walls have streaks of mud from Autumn's tail, but I feel like it's useless to clean until she goes back home! Kitty and Autumn are NOT friends so that is pretty interesting as well...

We've had a pretty good week despite the doggy craziness and rose massacre--I got to have a date w/the hubby tonight, we hung out w/Stephen again last night, and tomorrow we will see all of Patrick's family for homecoming at his Mimi's church (speaking of that...I need to get started on my hashbrown casserole!); then on Monday I will be 25!


  1. Hehe, those pictures are too funny! I can't imagine those roses tasted all that good.

    Happy early birthday!

  2. I love this post sarah!!!
    aesthetically pleasing and funny!

    Bad butchie. I told me mom about how she had burped a rose petal and we both about died laughing.

    Love you and i hope you have a beautiful birtday!!!

  3. My crazy niece!!!! At least Kitty was horrified! Love Love Love the hasbrown casserole, any time you get the urge to bake but not eat the Thomas family is at your service!! :)