Friday, May 22, 2009

new do!

i cut my hair today! i have been wanting to for a while and decided that it was necessary before vacation. they cut off 8 inches--sadly two inches too short for locks of love. :( if i went those extra 2 inches shorter i think patrick would have killed me! as it was, he was not super thrilled, but he does think it looks pretty. he just hates change and loves long hair. ;) i love it though and feel more confidant and like i will actually do something with it instead of throwing it up in a bun!

i also got some new clothes for vacation--yay! but i'm kinda bummed b/c it sounds like the weather in florida will be AWFUL. oh well. a rainy day at the beach is better than a rainy day in bowling green!

we let kitty out this afternoon, and i heard all these birds outside. we went on the deck and there were huge black birds flying around and squawking--it was like something out of a hitchcock film! then i heard a rustling in the bushes--and kitty was trying to eat a bird!!!!! i was horrified. i know that is what cats do, but i do not like it! i pulled him out of the bushes by his tail and put him in time out in the bathroom to think about what he did. ;) he had bloody paws. :( I don't know if the little birdie will survive or not. i hope it will. i fear that there may be more birdie fatalities while we are gone next week, but i'm trying not to think about it. patrick suggested locking him in the bathroom while we are gone but i think that is mean. (he's not a fan of kitty anyway).

patrick has been working like crazy trying to get as much done before our trip as possible. i'm trying to have a better attitude about the possibility of him working some on vacation, and will therefore be taking lots of magazines and books to read! that will be a good way to spend the rainy afternoons anyway.

well, i need to work on packing, and tonight i'm going to have a dinner date w/one of my original bible study girls. yay!


  1. I may be the happiest of everyone you know about your haircut! I'm so happy that you're going to be fixing it and stuff. Maybe you'll even start obsessing over your hair like I do!
    You should be proud of Kitty. Sometimes Cozy kills mice when we're at my parents' house, and I beam with pride when she does! The world will survive with one less bird, and Kitty gets to feel strong and victorious! Need I remind you of the Elton John/Lion King classic, "The Circle of Life?"

  2. Sarah! I absolutely love your hair and I insist on seeing it in person!! I think you'll be back from Florida before we move, so we should all definitely hang out!!! Love you and I hope you have a great time. We had some bad weather in Florida this week but it was still uber fun just to be away from Kentucky.

  3. I love your hair!!!! I hope you have a blast in Florida. You need it!