Sunday, May 3, 2009

a peek at the reading habits of a compulsive shopper

I feel that I should rename this blog to "I AM AN OUT OF CONTROL SHOPPER!!" but I think that "teapots and cakestands" is so much prettier! I'm sorry to subject you all to this (but of course you do have the option not to read), but I feel that it is good for me to put everything out there online--it helps me to be honest with myself!

so i decided to lay out all my (fairly) recently acquired reading material in an attempt to remind myself that i do NOT need anything else. the results, i must say, are quite shocking...

i already have 7 bookshelves devoted to my personal (already finished) reading material, as well as 3 temporary magazine/book racks for items waiting to be completed. I keep most of the magazines that I read, occasionally purging (by means of the recycling bin) when I feel that I have moved past the stage in my life where i would possibly refer back to them (for example, I got rid of the majority of my Brio & Campus life magazines right before I graduated college, and recently boxed up all my old Glamour & Cosmo magazines to give to a friend). In reality, I probably will never go back and re-read the magazines that I currently keep, but we'll see...I do occasionally refer back to old issues for recipes.

So here are 5 of my bookshelves:
People magazines/misc trash ;)
devotionals, Christian, world religions, philosophy, etc...

chick lit and misc. magazines other magazines

and here are my unread items:

new cookbooks

new chick lit/fiction/memoirs



in my defense, about half...well, at least a third...of the magazines are left over from cleaning out the waiting rooms at work and from some of my MIL's leftovers after the Edmundson family's yard sale last summer. BUT the point is, if I haven't had (or made) the time to read these in the past year, when is it really going to happen?!?

So now the question is, what order do i put the magazines in to read them? some of them are super old, so maybe i will just order them by month and read them in the current month, despite what year they are in--at least the old ones...

one thing is for sure--i don't need anything else!


  1. that is alot alot of reading stuff!

    1. i totally was just given that "a passion for baking" book... which i dont bake so thats interesting

    2. my advice is to just get rid of all of those magazines and start afresh... you cant let the "fear of missing something good" take over your life- that is how you become a compulsive pack rat who purchases anything on sale bc they cant miss the deal! seriously. most of the time less is totally more!