Sunday, October 11, 2009

let's clear something up.

for my 75th(!!) blog post, I would like to clear a little something up. I have been told by many people that I seem older than I am, and that's just fine with me...I have always felt much older than I am and my poor broken body definitely pushes me more in that direction...but I am 25 people!! And look what I got in the mail yesterday:

let's zoom in a bit to be sure you get the target audience of this magazine:

and the rear view:

oh wait...we have age ranges here too...maybe at least thirties would be included?


I guess it's better than last year when I got that advertisement for "final expense life insurance" (you cover your funeral expenses and such) but still... does subscribing to southern living and cooking magazines and collecting dishes officially make me over 40? boo. I haven't even gotten to try to have kids yet!

In happier news, it is officially fall (I know that it really was a few weeks ago, but it's feeling like it now!) and I have baked and pureed my first batch of pumpkin for the year! yay!

Well, I had planned a longer and more fun post for this weekend, but I have too much cleaning to do so we'll have to try again later. Have a great week...and don't forget to act your age!! ;)


  1. That is one huge targeted advertising FAIL!

  2. My dad has always told me that I was 15 when I was born. That would put me squarely in my forties right now! I always have been able to relate more to people older than me. Is that the case with you? If so, I'm glad that I have some kindred spirits out there (but I haven't gotten any ads for my "final expenses" yet...maybe they just don't know about me!).

  3. Coyote--that is a HUGE fail!

    Erin, I am definitely that way--most of my coworkers are much older than I am, and forget how young I am...and I'm really close w/some of my friend's moms! I relate to my peers well too, but generally take a "mom" role and try to take care of everyone. I led bible studies in college, and though I was just a year older than my girls, it always seemed more like a "mother/daughter"and mentoring kind of relationship. My mom and I always joke that we are the same person b/c we have the same taste in a lot of things, read the same magazines, and will often go over to each other's house and see something that we recently purchased for our own!