Sunday, October 18, 2009

finally accomplished something!

For the past several weeks (okay, really just always) I have been super lazy on the weekends. I always go into it w/great intentions and goals, and then I waste my time away looking at blogs or reading magazines, or just cuddling in my chair w/ butchy! The few times that I actually accomplish things, I usually don't start until 9:00 on Sunday night so I don't have time to do much of anything (as in this post when I only got the front seat of the car cleaned). Well, even though I started this morning feeling pretty miserable (for some reason, now that hubs' allergies have cleared up, mine have hit me in full force) I dedicated myself to finally accomplishing some things! I have been putting off emptying and disinfecting the cat litter box for too long, so that was one of my first tasks, followed by lining the box w/some sifting liners to make that job easier in the future! I also re-organized the laundry room and got together a box of stuff to take to my favorite consignment shop. I really cleaned the kitchen well and washed all the slipcovers and linens, and I watched two movies that were my favorites as a child: Thumbelina & Alice in Wonderland! I also made a dent in my magazine pile and got a lot of recipes logged. I am feeling pretty good about it!

But I still have a TON of things that need to be done. I'm going to post them here in the hope that it will help keep me accountable:

- I need to deep-clean our master bathroom which I am always lazy about b/c no one goes in there but us.
-The spare room has gotten out of control again, so I really have to get to work in there
-The formal living room floor needs a deep cleaning. I have been working on it bit by bit, but it just takes a lot out of me!!
-At some point (who knows when) I need to go through my magazines that I have been keeping forever, and clip out the articles I want and get rid of the rest. I'm thinking I'll get some new thick binders w/sheet protectors to make it easier
-Um, the master bedroom is also a wreck, and I need to go through the clothes that we have kept forever.
-I have a dresser in the garage that desperately needs to be painted when we have the warm front come in next week! Otherwise it will hang out in the garage until spring!

Okay...those are the pressing things that must get done...oh, and sometime I need to clean out the back of my car too!

Now does anyone have some tips on keeping things neat after they are cleaned?

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  1. Hey girlie,

    sorry i did not call you this weekend again :( We could have talked about this over the phone instead! My suggestion for the deep cleaning stuff is to hire like a merry maids or something. seriously! As much as you have on your plate for daily normal stuff and then with this to do list, you need some help or you will run yourself into the ground! They can do a one time deep clean/spring cleaning that isn't too much $$ (I just researched all this for my grandmother)

    That would give you either a head start to all the other stuff you want to do, or once you get everyting cleared out, it would be a good reward and ending to your list! I ahve thought about doing it myself just for a cleaning that would like wash the baseboards and cabinets and things i never can find time or energy to do. just a thought. I know how you are with your pennies ;) but I think it could be worth it in the long run - even help with your allergies!
    love you and hope you call!

    as far as tips on keeping them neat... I have forced myself to be much better about picking up as a 'do life' instead of waiting for a big cleaning day. and I try to pick up before bed too. it helps the day start better!