Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have had lots of dreams about spiders lately (and by lately, I mean since I got sick in 2007, but increasingly more frequent).

Now I'm not scared of spiders in real life at all. I am the "bug killer" in my house--while hubs runs shrieking from them (truly not much of an exaggeration at all) I calmly grab something with which to smush them and calm my husband. I even picked up a black widow earlier this year (not really on purpose though...)

But I'm very confused about the spiders in my dreams. They have been a source of sleep walking and sleep talking apparently. The first incident that I've ever had when I've gotten out of bed in my sleep was very shortly after I got epstein barr in '07. I woke up and I was standing on my tip-toes in the corner of my bedroom whimpering about the spiders. weird. Then later that year I had another dream where I was trying to step over spiders, and ended up stepping (or falling) right into a pile of junk including a mirror and hubs' fan, and then crawling back into bed before completely waking up and realizing that I was in pain!! More recently I have crawled across the floor and woken up by the loveseat in our bedroom trying to kill spiders on the floor, and one time I jumped out of bed and fell back into my nightstand...

Come to think of it...I'm not the only one affected by this--hubs had a sleep-crouching incident where I woke up to him crouching on the floor in front of the bathroom muttering about spiders...

And then there was last night...I didn't get out of bed this time, but I sat straight up--I remember the dream well...I was lying in my bed and all these spiders started streaming from the corner of the room and then I realized that there were brown recluse spiders in the bed, so I felt that I needed to get up and wake up my husband and kill the spiders. Apparently I screamed out loud and woke hubs up and I was beginning to come out of my sleeping stupor and was trying to explain to him what I was doing (trying to kill the spiders of course!). Well, I must not have been coherent b/c he yelled "SARAH" very loudly which made me want to cry. He said he was just trying to wake me up b/c I was trembling and mumbling incoherently. weird. And as far as I can recollect, I have not taken my sleeping meds on any of the nights that these incidents have happened, so it shouldn't be a side effect.

I wonder why this is becomming a recurring thing in my dreams? And they always seem to be coming out of the corner on my side of the bed...

Know what made me remember this and prompted me to write this post? This super cute themed post from Bakerella! lol. (those are definitely not the spiders in my dreams btw...or I would eat them up!)

Hopefully there will be no spiders in my dreams tonight...


  1. I so wish I hadn't read this before bed. It's creepy! LOL

  2. sleep is such a strange thing... i feel you girl!

  3. I wish you spider free dreams. They sound scarey and painful. Dreams are so weird.

  4. I would not sleep at all if I thought I would dream of spiders. I hate ' real life or not. Hope you have more pleasant dreams. :)

  5. So sorry about your spider dreams! Scary stuff for sure, but I'm not sure what they mean. I would start to keep a dream journal so you can track them. Or maybe that is what a blog is for!

    Hope you get a good night's sleep with sweet dreams of cuddling with your bulldog.