Sunday, November 8, 2009

some days i accomplish nothing--and today was one of those days. i have been totally exhausted after my (very successful) open house, and slept late and then spent the day doing...i really don't know what...but i ate too many cookies. that is for sure. i have been cuddling w/butchy, i did manage to do two loads of laundry so i guess that's something, but otherwise i'm just feeling outlandishly lazy. i'm actually contemplating getting in's just 8:30 and i took a nap f/m 3:30-5....but it sounds lovely. okay. it is decided. i'm getting in bed!! yay!

**i'm realizing this post is completely pointless, but sometimes it's nice to throw your pointlessness out for the world to see, right?


  1. Your day sounds positively wonderful! Enjoy it! We all need to be a little lazy now and then.

  2. I like pointless :) It makes me happy thinking about being lazy and taking naps!