Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Favorites, and where I"ve been

Sorry I have been MIA for the last week or so! I have been SICK. And not my normal CFS/Fibro stuff...and nasty horrible miserable stomach virus that made me want to DIE!!! okay....maybe i'm being a little melodramatic...but it was bad. So bad that I didn't even blog!! And it lasted for four days...I'm still not totally better...I have a little pain, but I am mostly better. Needless to say, I have not been baking much. I sadly had to cancel two orders for earlier this week, but was able to catch up with two more last night, and another pumpkin roll today.

Last weekend (before I got sick) I went to Louisville and had a WONDERFUL time with some old friends--I stayed with a group of former Bible study girls, went to the baby shower of my former Bible study leader, and saw tons of people that I love and miss. It was weird b/c almost wherever we went, I saw people that I had known from college in the town where I live, but now they've all moved to another town. funny. Tonight I'm headed to Nashvilled to spend the weekend with my best friend and I am so excited!!!

In other health news, I saw my doctor about my foot pain and he says it is plantar fasciitis and put me on some more anti-inflammatories and gave me some stretches to do. He said special orthodics probably won't help me b/c I actually have good foot shape, but to keep wearing tennis shoes and all that other fun stuff. We also talked about my vitamin D levels which the doctor in Franklin had tested, and he said my levels were some of the lowest he'd ever seen so he put me on 50,000 (!) milligrams of vitamin D once a week and I'm actually going to try this for a while and not get a new hormone implant quite yet to see if this helps at all. Money's tight and that will save $500 and then I'll see if I still stay feeling a little better or if I think the hormone stuff is necessary...

And now, for my favorite of this week (which is kinda ironic considering the bad state of my stomach)...Mexican food!!!! YUM!!! I never ever don't want it. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food. Every time I go to a real mexican restuarant I LOVE chimichangas...and you all know my love of "Mexican mush" Even when I was horribly sick, I just wanted to get better so I could eat Mexican food, and I ate it a little too soon...but it was worth it. Do you have a favorite type of food?

Well, that's my update for now--I plan to be more active in the following weeks!


  1. Sorry you were so sick friend! Keep me posted on your foot pain and the vitamin d supplement. (that is aheckofalot of vit d)

    Every food is my favorite pretty much (esp right now, I am just craving everything bc the holidays are coming!), but I will try to choose a few favs for you.

    1. Salmon
    2. Nutella
    3. Taco Bell! (we should go together sometime!)
    4. Stir Fry (like Kyoto type food)

  2. Sarah!!! Your visit was so much fun.

    I'm super glad you're better.

    I love Mexican food too. Probably my fav. Second on the list would probably be Indian food or Italian food.