Wednesday, August 18, 2010

don't be like me....

Or you will drive yourself (and/or your spouse) crazy!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by expectations and then realize that they are only your own?  Or when you're assigned a simple task you try to make it so much bigger?  That is what I do.  Always.

One of the things that I am doing now that I have quit my day job is some part time ministry work with Campus Crusade for Christ--a non-denominational Christian organization that works with college students and specifically focuses on the areas of evangelism and discipleship.  My dad has worked with Crusade for about 30 years and I was super involved in college and have lead Bible studies through it every year but the 2009-2010 school year since I was a sophomore in college.  I have been eagerly anticipating working with Crusade all summer and now everything is kicking off!  I had my first meeting with the staff team and other part time workers yesterday to go over the whirlwind schedule that is the next few weeks--freshman orientation, aka "Master Plan" at WKU.

One of our kick-off events is a leadership retreat this Thursday and Friday and I will (of course) be helping out with the food.  This is where I always go overboard.  I apparently do not know how to edit.  They are grilling for dinner and mentioned a side dish.  I offered to make hash brown casseroleEasy, yummy, wonderful!  Other than that dinner will be grilled meat, veggies, fruit.  Good stuff.  Then I offered to do dessert (brownies/cookies).  Then we talked about breakfast.  They said pick up donuts & cereal.  I said--breakfast casserole!!  (one of the guys heartily agreed with my suggestion).  We talk about a few more things, then go home and I start thinking...I don't know if my hash brown casserole will feed 18 people?  Better make 2.  Mom called and wants to make I should do two kinds of cookies just to give variety...alton browns "the chewy" and my double chocolate chip...that should be good.  Will one breakfast casserole be enough??  And what if someone doesn't like sausage?  Ok...sausage casserole, bacon crescent roll casserole, and a cinnamon baked french toast just to be sure....

What is wrong with me?? And it's not like I have "committed" to doing this much or am being pressured.  I just want to make sure that everyone has plenty of options!  And I really am excited about making so much, plus it's all make-ahead stuff that I can prepare now and then just throw in the oven to bake--I hope that the college students enjoy it!  Feeding people is definitely my "love language" or spiritual gift :)

Stay tuned to see how it all turned out!

(and btw...I am making some blondies and a "taco pie" for my former co-workers tomorrow too...I'm crazy!)


  1. Nice to meet another Christian food blogger...great choice to work with CC. God bless you!

  2. i'm the SAME way!!! good luck ;)

  3. That sounds good Sarah! Yum :) And I'm the same way, always thinking about the "what ifs" as far as varieties with food and drink go. I'm excited that you had your first staff meeting and this sounds like a wonderful way to start your new job :)

  4. Ok first off, I am very excited about you bringing food to your coworkers tomorrow (me!). Secondly I think the fact that you "go overboard" is part of what makes you so wonderful. And any college student will be delighted to eat ANY of your delicious food! Love Ya and See Ya Tomorrow

  5. I'm absolutely the same way. I always offer to bring dessert to gatherings, and by the time I bring everything in, I have my own dessert table! I don't know how to edit either!

  6. Sarah you crack me up! Can I put in an order of blondies! I definitely know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed and then finding you are putting all the pressure on yourself... that's been me lately! My adviser keeps adding a couple of things a week thinking I won't need to finish them for several months or even a year, while I'm thinking they need done next week along with everything else on my plate!!!! silly me!