Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TWD: chocolate espresso shortbread cookies

For this week's TWD assignment Donna of Life's too Short not to Eat Dessert First chose the espresso chocolate shortbread from page 125 of Baking from My Home to Yours.

I am not a coffee person.  I just don't like it.  But for some reason I decided to make this recipe as is rather than making the variation of oatmeal spice shortbread.  Maybe b/c I have some friends who like coffee...maybe b/c I've been running so hard lately that I can't think! 

I do keep some instant coffee on hand for baking and such, so I used that rather than espresso, but the coffee flavor was still too strong for me.  I LOVE Dorie's method for rolling out the dough though--stick it in a plastic bag, roll it out and then cut the bag off and you get nice little squares!  Mine had some wrinkles from the bag and don't look perfect, but that's fine w/me!  The new bible study girls seemed to enjoy these alright, but I think I'm gonna send the rest to my parent's house b/c my mom loves shortbread :).

Check out Donna's blog for the recipe!

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