Friday, June 12, 2009

baby steps

i am taking some more baby steps towards the baking business--got my first pie order for next friday: one chocolate, one lemon--i will post pictures when i get them done! also, when i went in for my massage today my sweet therapist told me that my mother in law had told her about my baking and she is so excited about it! she wants to put together some gift bags for her clients this christmas with some of my cookies and some tea, so i'm going to put a sampling tray together for her and she is also going to pass stuff around to the other people in her office building!

i also signed up for a cake decorating class at hobby lobby to at least get some tips and basics down for that. i'm excited! if anyone wants to sign up (in BG at least...) the class i'm taking is on thursday nights in july (9th--end of the month) from 5:30-7:30. the course fee is $17.50, but i think that you also have to buy a kit and maybe a book...

now, i've been thinking about names and i'm tossing around "the cupcake kitchen" or "sarah's sweets." of course, i will be making more than cupcakes, so i wouldn't want the name to be confusing...dunno. let me know what you think!


  1. I decorate cakes! You're going to love that class. We'll have to have a cake date, someday, when there's a ...sarahvan caravan. Also, Sarah, this is so very exciting. I feel like God is totally opening doors for this. Your're going to be famous soon!

    I think you should go with whichever name you like best! They're both wonderful.

  2. i like the cupcake kitchen or something with cupcake in it bc everyone loves the word. it makes you happy! i am excited to watch this dream grow!