Friday, June 5, 2009

baking all the live long day

so this week i have been baking especially much. made another batch of eclairs and another pecan pie, and then 48 (!) cupcakes for a dear co-workers birthday. in the middle of making the cupcakes (strawberry & chocolate cream cheese w/homemade icing) i realized that my cupcake carrier only holds 12!!! i found some extra pans to transport the rest and kept a few home for me and patrick.
they were a hit!

i feel more and more like i need to have a bakery. this week pretty much all the front staff and nurses at work told me that they would come work for me if i opened one, and everyone said that i need to. then one of my coworkers told me that her daughter was literally crying last night b/c she can't buy my peanut butter cookies whenever she wants them! she asked her mom if she thought i would make her some if she drew me a special picture and got me the ingredients!! it almost broke my heart! (we have arranged a date to bake them together on saturday night). then i got online to write this blog and i checked my email and my mother in law wants to buy a pie from me! my first order and i don't even have a menu or pricing sheet yet!

i have so many ideas that i want to do but the logistics of it all is just overwhelming. i'm trying to remind myself to take small steps and not think too much about the crazy things like getting a building or commercial kitchens and stuff. i have nothing to lose by making a menu and price list!


  1. Oh my word, those cupcakes look SO good! How exciting that people are showing such great interest in your baking! I know that has to feel good!

  2. Sarah you need to do it!!!!!! I will buy enough bread to put your kids through college!!! :) I love you!