Thursday, June 11, 2009

my first batch of amish friendship bread (muffins) since i was in college! a dear co-worker gave me the starter and hubs loves this bread--esp. in muffin form! let me know if you want some starter and i will hook you up!

i still need to work on the fullness of the cups--these came out a little square (and i couldn't help nibbling off a few crispy edges...) i want them to poof up some, but they spread a lot so i will have to practice...such a hard task right! ;)

butchy tried to sneak some of patrick's dinner

i feel that God is trying to teach me a lesson about my tendency towards materialism. everywhere that i've looked (or read or watched...) i have seen topics on putting too much value in our things and continuing to acquire things that are not needed. i want to write more in detail about this later...stay tuned!

we had our 3 year wedding anniversary yesterday! sadly, i was sick (and am still not feeling great) so we didn't get to go on our dinner date, but we are postponing till the weekend. not planning anything big b/c our florida trip was the official "celebration" for us (and was wonderful!). we also need to save some money!

let's see...what else can be briefly mentioned...

OH! hubs has spent the majority of the night chasing kitty around the house w/a rolled up window screen--i swear it sent kitty into a panic attack! i had to comfort him and give him treats. silly boys.

i guess that's it for tonight. loves!

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  1. Aw, happy anniversary! Our trip to Orlando was our celebration as well, so we had a pretty low key date as well, but it was still fun.

    I haven't had friendship bread in a long time, but I remember it being SO good. I wonder if I could find some...