Saturday, August 15, 2009

tonight i am missing my friends. hubs made me feel it b/c all his friends are here and for some reason mine keep leaving me! why wouldn't you want to live in bowling green, i mean seriously?? ;) i love my coworkers dearly, but i just miss the people that i would spend time with outside of that. i have a few sweet ladies that i still hang out with, but we haven't been able to get together lately. boo. i usually enjoy my alone time but right now i just want a friend to talk to!

in happier news, my mother-in-law came by today with a box of cookbooks that she got for me at a yard sale for 10 bucks!! that has added another 18 actual "books" along w/several small pamphlets and magazines to my shelves, and i also got another one in the mail this week (actually 2 but i am returning one). a lot of the books she brought are southern living which i LOVE and i have had to do a bit of shifting on the shelf, which i hate to is now full!

the other (free) book that i got is junior's cheesecake cookbook which i have seen mentioned on some of the other food bloggies. i have been meaning to mention this b/c i think some of you would be interested in it, but i have participated in this market research group for several years (since college) that gives you points for completing market research surveys, and then you can cash your points in for free stuff! so far i have gotten this cookbook, martha stewarts baking handbook, and a novel that i'd been wanting to read called such a pretty fat (haven't read it yet due to my HUGE stack of reading material that i am getting overwhelmed by) but they also have electronics & dvds and home decor and tons of random stuff. and you don't even have to pay shipping! and sometimes they send you free products to test! (i've tested the glad press & seal wrap when it first came out, and some face wash.) it's called zoom panel, and if anyone is interested let me know and i'll send you a referral--oh and it's completely free to do, and i've done it for about 6 years w/no complaints.

so that's life for now. no baking b/c i'm out of food--i decided last week that i would NOT go grocery shopping, so we have been surving on food f/m two weeks ago, which means NO fruits/veggies, i am now out of eggs, ran out of cheese today, and our milk will soon be expired! i had to make 2 pecan pies (one chocolate) for friday and got worried that i would not have what i needed, but i found a store bought pie crust :( and a tart crust that i had made in the freezer, had just enough pecans in there too, and tried to stretch my 2 eggs into 3 by adding some pasturized egg whites. one pie worked very well, the one w/the tart crust and egg whites had some issues, but tasted okay. i will go grocery shopping tomorrow though and look forward to having options for food again!


  1. Hooray for more cookbooks, although I can't imagine having that many! It would just remind me of how much I don't know about cooking. :)

    I'm interested in Zoom Panel. Can you send me an email/facebook message about it?

  2. i am interested in zoom panel too!

    and i totally feel you on the friend thing, mine all leave me too!

  3. That is so cool that you have a bulldog. I have two English ones at home. They are currently snoring.

    You left a comment that you are interested in the Martha Stewart's Cupcakes Club.

    Please send me an email at with your name and blog's URL.

    Thanks for your interest! :)

  4. Every once and a while I decide, no more grocery shopping, I must use up the pantry and set about starting fresh. It is a chore but I must say, it forces you to use the old noggin to come up with recipes to use the stash!

  5. I miss my Sarah!!!

    Such a Pretty Fat sounds like an interesting read.