Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TWD: creamiest lime cream pie

well, i am sick. and not happy about it. stupid sinus infection. if it were not for the sickness, i would be making another one of these pies tonight b/c it is THAT good.

i made this pie over the weekend on a night when my parents were coming by, so i cheated a bit and did not give it the full time to cool.

lime and ginger ingredients

lime zest rubbed w/sugar

also, along w/many other twd bakers, i had trouble getting my cream to reach 180--it kept climbing over 160 and then going back down again. after well over the 10 minutes dorie says it will require, i gave up and decided that it was thick enough! i went in to taste the cream, and WOW!!! it was so good! i licked every bit of the pan...and spatula...and sieve...and blender, i could have had the cream just by itself! i think that the cream was delicious without the addition of the butter, but that did take it over the top!

when it comes to the twd recipes, i do try to do them as written, so when she said to set the pie under the broiler to toast the meringue, i went ahead and gave it a try...despite my concerns (i think my broiler is especially hot!) well, after less than a minute the meringue was black! i didn't get a picture of it as my mom was over and i desperately wanted to salvage the pie, so i just cut off the blackend parts and it still tasted great--just without the lovely toasted curls :(

i made this pie in a normal crust from the recent issue of Food Network Magazine, and between the pie and dorie's lime cream filling, there were 4 sticks of butter!!! gah! i didn't think it tasted heavy though, and my mom said it was perfectly light and fluffy! the ginger isn't super strong, just a nice bright addition to the pie.

needless to say, i loved this and cannot wait to make it again! i think it's been my favorite dorie recipe so far! thanks so much to Linda from Tender Crumb for choosing this week's recipe (head over to her site for the recipe, or buy the book!) and be sure to check out the TWD blogroll to see how everyone else did!


  1. this looks sooo yummy! it is such a good thing i dont like to bake!

    and i would love love love if you would let me borrow Julie & Julia, I was 7th on the list to get it at the library, which meant it would take like six months or something! i am next for "My Year in France" so I will let you know how it is. the movie made her seem so funny and likable.

    and i do think we should hang out sometime soon, we live too close not to!

  2. it looks deelish and perfect for summer.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed this pie --- it was a definite hit at our house.

    Thanks for baking along with me this week!