Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TWD: Brownie Buttons

For this week's Tuesdays with Dorie Challenge, Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen chose the Brownie Buttons from pages 106-107 of Baking from My Home to Yours.

My first thought at seeing this recipe was that the quantity is TINY! it only makes 16 mini brownies! Of course, that means it is easy...and I really thought it was, but they did not turn out quite right. I have seen a few others complain about this as well, but my chocolate seemed to seize a bit and the batter was never "smooth & glossy" as the recipe said it should be. I have also read that some people felt the cooking time was off, and I think that must be true. They were like little rocks after 14 minutes--the "bounce back" test did not happen!

The flavor is very deeply chocolatey--I left out the orange zest and white chocolate glaze b/c hubs does not like to play around with his flavors--especially not in brownies, but I think they are too dark for him anyway. I had some leftover chocolate buttercream from a cake I made this weekend, so I smeared some of that across them and it's pretty good.

I would like to try these again, bake them for a shorter, and maybe swap onc ounce of semi-sweet chocolate for some of the bittersweet to get them more to hubs' taste. BUT--I need the weather to cool down before that is going to happen! Seriously--I did not bake or grocery shop all weekend b/c it's so freakin' hot!

Well, I have a super-needy bulldog trying to shut the computer down on me so I will give her some attention. Be sure to check out the TWD website and blogroll to see other members' experience w/this recipe, and check out Jayma's blog for the recipe!


  1. I hate it when a recipe doesn't turn out the way I hope and I am so with you on the heat. I made spaghetti and meatsauce a few nights ago and I almost passed out.

    Your scare with your sweet dog sounded really scary!

  2. They look yummy with the chocolate icing! Yeah, I had a lot of trouble telling when these were done, I gave up around 15 minutes because who likes overbaked brownies?

  3. Nice job with the brownie buttons! For once, I read the P&Qs and noticed that some folks thought that the bake time was a little long. I took mine out at 12 minutes, and they stayed nice and fudgy in the center. I liked that there were only 16 tiny brownies...that means there's not a lot left over! I'm no good at math, so I never half a recipe, so I have gobs of yummy baked goods tempting me.

  4. those look just right to me. Yep! 12 minutes.