Monday, September 28, 2009

my not so secret shame (for you holly)

So you may not know this, but I am a slob. Yes, I bake all kinds of things and am crafty, but cleaning and maintaining the house is not something that I enjoy. I do clean my kitchen every night (a necessity--especially now that I am selling some baked goods), but that's about it...and the parts of my home that are not "common areas" very rarely get done.

But nowhere am I as much of a slob as in my car. For some reason, I just never clean it out! This isn't helped by the fact that I feel the need to recycle every scrap of clean paper or cardboard that I come across, so while some people would just throw it all out at the gas station or something, I want to sort and recycle what I can! (I talked to a co-worker about this today and she reminded me that that is what the people on the "hoarder" shows do...uh oh)

So now, for all the world to see....I am going to reveal the horrid mess that car.

The floorboard on under the passenger seat...yes, the trash is level with the car seat. This front area is where I "store" my bags from fast food lunches, the little order thingies from inside magazines that I tear out when I'm reading them, some shopping bags, and whatever else I throw down there...

And...the back seat. Upon my partial cleaning of this area I found a coffeemaker (we don't drink coffee, but a lot of my recipes call for it so I figured it would be a good thing to have), several baking dishes, a few cookbooks, some soda, several books, two vests that belong to little boys that are patients at my office (they left them at my house when coming to meet butch), and some scarves.

My goal for last weekend was to clean the car. At 10:00 on Sunday night I realized that I had not accomplished this goal, so in a spurt of energy, I ran to the car and used some of the grocery bags in a box to clear out the front seat, and part of the back seat.

These two bags contain the trash from the front floorboard. I did sort them to recycle, and counted the Sonic bags that I found. You know that episode of the Office where Michael gets Ryan to help him clean out his car b/c he thinks he is going to give the "hot girl" (played by Amy Adams) a ride home? While cleaning it Ryan asks "How many Filet-O-Fish did you eat?!?!?!" and Michael replies that it was over a several month time period. Well, remember that this is over several months when I tell you that I found 13 Sonic bags (I usually eat Sonic once a week or every other week, so that is at least 3 months!!) *shame*

This is the box I used to clean a bit of the back seat out, but it is not remotely finished (remember, I didn't start until 10:00 pm, and I go to bed early!)

Now...for the reveal......

drumroll please

Ta-da!!!'s still dirty...but the junk is out, and remember that this little car is from 1989!!! Considering how rarely I take the time to clean it, it could be a lot worse!
No picture of the backseat for now, as it is still a wreck....but maybe one day...we can hope!

One more story before I hit the sack for the night. Hubs asked me to get some BBQ sauce when I was going to the grocery today. He said that he didn't particularly want the Kraft brand, but regardless of the brand, he really wanted me to get a honey barbecue sauce.


is what I brought home.

That's right. It's Kraft, & NOT Honey BBQ. I failed on both requests. But the thing is, I looked at all the sauces and didn't see a Honey BBQ that looked good that was not Kraft, so I decided to get the Kraft version of Honey BBQ. I swear that I put it in my cart, and somehow it magically turned into Sweet & Spicy Chipotle!! I did not realize this until I had unloaded my bags and was moseying around the kitchen and hubs came in and said "Oh, you got Kraft?" to which I explained that I didn't see any non-Kraft Honey BBQ so that is what I got. I didn't understand until he showed it to me. *smacks forehead*

Oh well, we got a laugh out of it and he said he'll be fine with it. I swear I'm losing my mind! I keep making deliberate intentions to do things and being sure that I have done them, but then I haven't (like leaving my ipod at work or my grocery list at home). My brain is broken!


  1. i love you. haha

    I wonder if the front seat stuff was just tossed over into the back seat... ?? just kidding, it does look great :) I don't think I have ever seen your front seat that clear, good job!

  2. man... all i can say to that car is wow! haha

  3. I know I'm a little late, but I'm glad someone else's brain is broken. Maybe it has something to do with all the sugar we're taking in from all this darn baking! :)