Wednesday, September 30, 2009

thoughts from this week

1. Mexican mush: my new favorite comfort food creation! After being on quite a Mexican kick over the past few weeks (I ate at Peppers for lunch and dinner of the same day--and got the chimichange both times!) I wanted to "re-create" one of my favorite parts of the meal. After eating my chimichanga (YUM) I love to mix together the beans, rice, and leftover condiments (guacamole, salsa, sour cream, & queso) and then scoop it up with chips. So I went to the store and bought mexican rice and refried beans and salsa & guacamole & queso and chips and it is so freakin yummy! (Note: this is also a good meal for clearing up your sinuses) Yes, it is lazy and unhealthy, but oh so delicious when one is feeling sick.

2. My pets are lazy

This is pretty much all they do.

3. Apparently I am not giving them enough water.

Butch has taken to drinking out of the rain bucket, and sometimes jumps into the bathtub to lick water out of the drain. yuck. (but look at that big fat belly hanging down! heehee!)

4. I think I need a new washer & dryer...for some reason my clothes are all shrinking!

Wait, what??? Are you suggesting that maybe it is from all the baking and mexican mush???? hmm....

strawberries & cream puff pastry tart

5. I got a very special compliment on my baking this week--I had thrown together a slightly modified version of this pumpkin roll recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod for one of hubs' friends and the guy's mother in law ate some and said I must have some Mennonite in me in order to bake so well! She ordered one for Thanksgiving, and said it is the best pumpkin roll she ever had! (sadly, I was in such a hurry that I didn't get a picture before he took it over to them)

6. I found this:

at TJ Maxx today and just know that it was designed just for me--I mean, a cupcake TEAPOT!?!? amazing! It is now sitting on my shelf at work to make me happy when I see it.

7. It is officially fall!!!! The weather is getting nippy, I am loving the spicy smells and pumpkins all over, some of the leaves are already changing, and tomorrow it will be October! Now if only the "first frost" would hurry up and get here so hubs will move back into our bedroom again! (he sleeps better in the other room due to his allergies)

8. For some reason, tonight I really feel aware that I am a grown up now. Not sure why. Just interesting.

9. I have signed up to become a Scentsy consultant. It's like candles, but without the flame or burning hot wax, and you can pick out super cute warmers and easily change out the scent bars. My mother-in-law bought me one of the warmers & scent bricks for my birthday, and everyone who walks into my office talks about how great it smells and asked where they could get them. The start up fee and order requirements are low, so I figured it would be a fun thing to do while I'm on my hiatus from Creative Memories--and there are no other consultants in this area! I don't have my personal site up yet, but let me know if you're interested b/c it's a really great product!

10. I thought that I was going crazy, b/c every night before bed I would set the alarm on my ipod dock, and then every morning the ipod power symbol was on and the alarm symbol was off, and of course I wasn't waking up on time. (thankfully, the pets seem to have built-in alarms to get up at 6:45 so I have only been a little late getting ready). I told hubs about it b/c this morning I actually saw that the alarm symbol was on at 6:25, yet it still did not go off. He looked at it, and I had somehow changed the settings! So instead of the alarm beeping, it was set to start playing music on the ipod, but since I keep forgetting the ipod at work there is nothing to play! oh me oh my. Sad that I couldn't figure this out myself!

11. Hubs will be 26 this week! I have to plan some treats for him--he's tired of all the fancy-schmancy stuff and just wants plain white cake w/white icing, and brownie batter from a mix. Silly boy.

12. Butch snores very loudly.

13. I have injured my wrist from lifting my new favorite water bottle!

It holds 64 oz. of water which almost gets me through the day, but it gets really really heavy!
(on a side note for sure to look at your water bottle's washing instructions before sticking them in the dishwasher! I had a pink version of this bottle that I stuck in the dishwasher, and the heat completely warped to top so I couldn't use it at all! Thankfully, I saw on Erin's blog that they had them at Kohl's (we bought the same bottles within the same week!--just at different places) and I rushed there and bought the last one that they had. If there had been more, I totally would have bought all that they had b/c it's so freaking awesome!

14. I've realized that my tastes are changing. I had some cheap milk chocolate at work today and for the first time was really put off by the sugaryness of it. Then I got some tater tots w/my lunch today, and the grease from the frying made me feel really weird. I used to LOVE fried things from Sonic, but I guess not anymore! (and that is definitely a good thing)


I threw my Sonic bag from lunch in the trash--not the floorboard ;)


  1. This totally made my morning - maybe even my day. You make me smile my friend :) and the blog is so "you" I can even hear your voice when I read it. Miss you lots!
    And yes, the teapot is totally you. and when things are totally made for you, how can you not buy them?? For this teapot you get a pass.
    and very proud of the sonic bag sitting lonely somewhere in a trashcan!
    Hope you feel better soon! (are you coming to the dr in franklin anytime soon?)

  2. I'm with you - the best part of eating at a Mexican restaurant is the beans, rice, guacamole and sour cream all mashed together. Brilliant to make that for dinner!

  3. yes! I love this post too! I tried to write this the other day, but my computer wouldn't let me.

  4. Don't you just <33333 TJ Maxx???? :D :D