Sunday, July 4, 2010

a book review

So why is the title of this post so generic rather than the actual book title?  Well...the book title in my opinion is a bit awkward for a 20-something, happily married woman to be seen reading in public (or to post as a blog title that her parents will see).  This review is of the wonderful memoir by Sascha Rothchild:
How to Get Divoreced by 30:
My Misguided Attempt at a Starter Marriage
Yeah, it takes some explanation when your husband sees that book arrive in the mail! 
I saw the review of this memoir on one of the blogs that I read (can't remember which one though...) and was immediately intrigued.  You know what a memoir/biography kick I've been on lately, and after flipping throught the book at B&N I decided to use one of my Swag Bucks gift card prizes on it.  

This is not at all a how-to manual, but a hilariously poignant perspective by Rothchild on the decision that she made to enter a marriage that was set up from the beginning to fail.  Each chapter's title is a "step" that she believes lead to the inevitable imploding of her marriage: "Don't Give Yourself a Minute to Reflect", "Don't Mention the Word 'Forever' at the Wedding", "Get Married for a Down Payment", "Call Your First Love", and so on.  In these chapters, she details the events or mindset that made her feel like she was making the right decision, but how each one was either a rationalization or just plain stupid!  In the process, you get a peak into her rather unorthodox upbringing and how childhood baggage & experiences inherently shape your worldview and adult choices.  

At only 210 pages, this book is a breeze to get through and had me laughing out loud at many well as examining my own marriage and the apathy & complacency that we are all-to-eager to call "comfort" & "stability." Though my worldview is basically opposite hers, and some of the jabs at Christianity & organized religion were a little off-putting; I was refreshed by Rothchild's honest perspective on her choices, her hilarious anecdotes, and her altogether positive attitude towards love and marriage--despite the baggage that her experience could leave her with.  I would definitely recommend this one!  You just may want to make a temporary book jacket so your husband and family don't freak out ;).


  1. Ooh I haven't seen this one yet, but it sounds great! And I'm in desperate need of some reading that doesn't come from the teen section.. I've been reading far too many vampire/werewolf/fairy/angel books lately. I think it's about time for something a little more "grown up" and real life for a change. I'm going to see if my library has this and reserve it right now!

  2. Thank you so much for this review. I love that even happily married people can enjoy the foibles of my life. And it brings me great joy to know some people get it right the first time around.

    -Sascha Rothchild

  3. This sounds like one I'm gonna have to borrow from you!

  4. yep i wanna borrow it too- and did the author actually comment on your blog???? CRAZY!!!