Friday, July 9, 2010

Fab Five Friday, moments edition

This has been a wonderful and interesting week for me.  It's my first full week on my amended July schedule, meaning that I'm only working 2 days, and have started my water aerobics class.  It's kinda weird to get used to the changes, but I've had a lot of great moments!

1. Watching kiddie shows w/hubs.  We are a silly pair.  I have a strange aversion to all drama, horror, or suspense movies...(I like to watch happy things with lots of we have sitcoms, reality trash TV, rom-coms, old musicals, or things that were intended to be watched by children.)  Well, in the past few weeks, hubs and I have been indulging our inner children.  It started with repeat viewings of Disney's Enchanted (which he would dance around to.  heehee), then a date to go see Toy Story 3 (and I sobbed and sobbed) then this week we have been watching my dvd of Sesame Street's 40 Years of Sunny Days--it has all our favorites from childhood and we sing along and it's perfect!!  I'm so happy that I married someone goofy like me :).

2.  I'm famous!  Not really, but I sure felt special on Monday... I recently did a book review of Sascha Rothchild's new-ish book,  How to Get Divorced by 30:My Misguided Attempt at a Starter Marriage.  I loved the book and you can read my review here, but even more important than my review, head down and read the comments...comment #2 is from Sascha Rothchild--the author!  So cool!!  It really made my day :)

3. Grocery shopping on a week day.  True, in my old schedule, I could officially have done this on Fridays, but I like to go shopping towards the beginning of a new week to stock up for our foodie needs.  To me, this is the ultimate luxury :).  I don't have to go to Walmart on Saturday or Sunday when the lines are a mile long, the aisles are crammed, and it makes me so cranky that I want to scream and cry.  It is fairly calm.  And my beloved Kroger is even better!  And they aren't out of rotissery chickens!  woohoo!  LOVE IT. 

4.  Old lady water aerobics.  I keep calling it that, and hope that I don't offend anyone by it!  But seriously, most of the women in my new water aerobics class are old enough to be my great-grandma!  I'm taking water aerobics on Tuesdays & Thursdays now and am excited to finally be doing regular exercise that my body doesn't rebel against!  My mother in law and a former co-worker are in the class as well.  It's fun and I get a workout and enjoy the company :).

5.  The sweetest blog post a friend can write.  My dear friend and coworker Holly wrote this post about me yesterday.  To me, a blog post about someone is like sending them a very special card, but loving them so much that you want to put it out there for the whole world to see.  It brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.  I love her dearly and am sad to no longer see her on a weekly basis at the office.  But her words of encouragement mean the world to me.  Thank you Holly--I love you!!

Well, that's my fab five for this week.  Head over to Emily's blog to see who joined in this little blog carnival for the week, and in the meantime, let me know what made your week fab!


  1. Finally got to read the post by your co-worker/friend, it was wonderful! I left a comment on her blog :) I love all your fab 5 things - what a wonderful list!! Glad you had a great week and enjoy your vacation.

  2. I am so happy you watched kiddie shows with your hubby!!! I miss sesame street! I totally understand the no horror, suspense or too intense action movie motive... Chris won't let me watch some of the Ghost Buster movies b/c he is afraid I will have nightmares later... I'm excited that you found exercise you can do!!! I have really enjoyed the luxury of having a pool at our disposal, I like how light I feel in the water! Miss you oodles!

  3. I cried during Toy Story 3, too! Such a good one. I love children's movies.

  4. I love the idea of a fab five list... and yours is wonderful. I know what you mean on the water aerobics, LOL... I found the same thing when I went.

  5. Haha water aerobics is fun! I had a "famous" moment this week too. One of the authors of "Baked: New Frontiers in Baking" commented on my facebook post where I made one of their recipes! :D