Tuesday, July 6, 2010

didn't get to it...

in case you are curiously searching for the Tart Noir chosen by Dharmagirl of bliss: towards a delicious life for this week's TWD assignment...

Well.  I didn't do it. 

Because until this afternoon we had NO FOOD.

No bread.

No meat.

No cheese.

No eggs.


Horror of Horrors!!


Seriously.  How could I have possibly run out of butter?  Well, it is mostly b/c I left 3 (or more?) boxes in my best friend's refrigerator in Nashville.  (you can see here why it was there) But also b/c I hadn't been to the grocery in a long time.

So I didn't get to bake along.  And I probably won't get to next week either b/c I will be out of the state :(. 

I miss baking w/Dorie, but I bet my waistline will be glad for a break!

Instead I spent my day in my water aerobics class w/the elderly ladies and then shopping at 4 different stores: 2 for clothes, 2 for groceries.  And now my feetsies are tired (but less tired than normal b/c I had to get the dreaded cortisone injections again last week.  at least it helps in the long run!)

So that is the news for today.  I will update soon w/more things and hopefully a recap of my wonderful weekend w/my friend which has now been too long ago!


  1. Sorry I'm holding your butter hostage! Probably good you didn't make anything cause I am so tempted lately by even a mention of food! Even the quick layered mexican dip photo down in the linkwithin spot makes me crave chips and dip!!

  2. Hey there! I didn't get to bake along either. I wanted to invite you over to my blog. I have a friend with a very sick baby, and they need a miracle. I'm asking pretty much everyone I know to take a minute to pray for little Luke. His story and a link to his blog are on my blog. Thanks in advance for your prayers!