Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Hello everyone!  I have to say that this has been a refreshing, and in many ways uplifting week for me.  I am going through major transitions: next week will be my final week at my office, and this past week I worked 2 partial days of training my replacement, but it was odd to be at the office and not be working my normal routine.  I have also been confused each and every day about which day of the week it is...gonna have to do something about that if I'm going to be staying home!

Once again, I'm going to join in with Emily to post about 5 things that made my life fabulous this week:

1.  My bedroom.

Last week I had the good but also weird experience of taking a week-long vacation with my parents & sister.  We all stayed in a one-room suite with 2 beds & a pull-out couch and it was...interesting.  I really did enjoy the time with the family, but I must say that it is a bit odd to be 26 years old and married with my own home, and to spend a week away from my husband sharing a room with my family.  There was snoring. There was sleep-talking (but thankfully not sleep-walking).  There were different sleep schedules and habits.  And there were lights on when it was time to sleep.  Though I had a queen-sized bed to myself during that week, I cannot tell you how relieved and relaxed I was to come home to my own bed (even though I found--to my horror--a spider in the bed when I turned down the sheets--how did that happen?  hubs had been sleeping in that bed all week!  eep! we immediately stripped the bed and washed all the covers) and my own husband and my own bulldog ;)  And the room was almost pitch-black, and we had our fan on so I couldn't hear any other noises.  Ahhh...bliss!  The only negative (other than the spider) is that a week in a room with maid service will show you how messy your house is!

2.  White Noise App for Ipod touch and Iphone.

so many settings--and it's free!  I chose "airplane" and this is what got me to sleep in the above mentioned situation.  Thank you Apple!

3.  My DVR
We are friends.  It was super nice and recorded all my favorite shows while I was in Florida!  Sadly, a few were deleted b/c I used over 99% of the memory.  My name is Sarah and I am a TV junkie.

4.  Club Bing
My bestest sent me a link for this while I was away.  You know how much I love websites where you can earn points for free stuff (like zoom panel & swag bucks).  This is another one!  Only instead of surveys or searching, you win points for playing computer games!!!!  eep!!  This may become a problem for me.  When I was in college, I had a severe addiction to  Whenever it was time to write a paper or study I would have to win "just one more game" and would inevitably end up awake until 3 am b/c I wasted so much time.  So I'm excited about this, and have been playing ;)

5.  Facebook/blogs

Since announcing my decision to leave my job I have also had the freedom to blog about whatever I am feeling without worrying about co-workers finding out that I was leaving before time.  In that, I have touched on some things that have been hard on me including recent posts on parenthood & guilt.  For me, writing has always been cathartic and I am the kind of person who will really put almost anything out there (the only off-limit subjects are honestly personal things b/tw me & hubs which I don't write about out of respect of his privacy).  In writing about these issues, I have not only been able to really evaluate my own feelings (some have since shifted...more on that another day) but have also been overwhelmed by encouragement and support from online friends.  And I do mean friends.  There are several people who I have reconnected with from my past, and several who I have never met in person, but it has meant the world to me.  Today alone I was brought to tears by some of the messages I have received.  So thank you.  For listening even when I over-share, for offering perspective & encouragement, and just for caring enough to read my thoughts and let me know that you understand, that you feel the same, that you will be praying for me, or just that you are here.

So those are the things that made my week fabulous--what about you?


  1. 1. there is something very special about your own bed! A good hotel bed can be pretty nice too but maybe without all the extra people!
    2. Looove the whitenoise. I don't need it so much but it has been very helpful for Charlotte on many a trip.
    3. Hello Sarah. :)
    4. you're welcome.
    5. You are a wonderful writer and I'm glad that I get to peek into your life via your blog, twitter, and facebook. I'm glad these mediums can give you encouragement and grow friendships too :)

  2. I'm very excited to get to "catch up" more through #5. I need to do some back reading on what is going on in your life. But whatever it is, I'm sure you are following God's will, and in that you will be blessed beyond measure!