Friday, April 9, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Once again, joining Emily and the girls to post about 5 things that made our life fabulous this week!

1.  My coin counting bank!  Okay, I'm a nerd but I get serious joy putting all our change into this little bank and having it keep a total for me!  We're like the couple in Up, dropping in the coins to save up for a vacation.  (we hope to go back to Maine one day)  We already have a little over $50!  ; )

2.  Barnes & Noble.  You know I love to read (oh how I love it!).  This week has been a bit too rainy to enjoy reading at the park, so instead I have cuddled up in their big comfy chairs with my book and had blissful relaxation on my lunch break : )

3.  Speaking of my book:  Get Happy: the Life of Judy Garland  which I just found out (when i googled the title to find an image) is going to be made into a movie with Anne Hathaway!!!  I love the tragic Hollywood story and I really love learning about this time.  It has been a very interesting read so far.

4.  My swing.  I really  want that to say "my hammock" b/c everybody else is posting about their hammocks, but alas, I do not have one.  Though I cannot recline, the swing is quite lovely for reading outside with my bulldog, or swinging with my sweetheart.  Hubs got it for me for my birthday a few years ago and came home early from work so it would be ready when I got home : )

 kitty likes it too

5.  Reeses Eggs.  Yes, I know Easter is over, but these things have been calling to me from my kitchen counter ever since!  I love the peanut butter chocolate combo, I love how much more peanut butter these have...I LOVE THEM!

What made your life fabulous this week?


  1. Oooooh, Reese's eggs would cure a lot of ills...

  2. Kitty cracks me up! Its like he is ticked that you caught him enjoying himself!