Friday, April 2, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Hello all!  After a much better week than last (yay!) I am joining in with Emily and a ton of my other friends to write about what has made my life fabulous this week!

1.  FLOWERS!!!  I am loving springtime and all the trees around the Edmundson homestead are in bloom! 


My very favorite is this weeping cherry tree--I always have loved "weeping" trees (willows, cherries, etc...) and always wanted one, and our little house has a weeping cherry in the front and a willow in the back! (it's actually our neighbors but they share ;)

2.  The park.  As I wrote in my resolution check in, I have been spending my lunch breaks in the park reading, which is awesome b/c I accomplish two of my resolutions (read more books, and save money) in that time!  The weather this week has just been gorgeous and has made those times so very special.

3.  Open Windows.  Hubs and I argue about this one b/c he likes to be shut up in his man cave, but I want natural light and fresh air dang it!  I have been opening all our windows and letting in the breeze and it just rejuvenates me.  :)

4.  Google Reader.  Believe it or not, with all the blogs that I follow, for the past year I have been going to each blog individually...opening about 30 tabs or internet windows at a time to read each new post.  I knew about google reader--even using it to search all my blogs for recipes, but had chosen to read them the long way b/c I do like to visit the individual blogs (i mean, we all put so much effort to make our sites look pretty, so why not take advantage of looking?) and you know that I'm a bit of a comment whore....well, this week in the interest of saving time I have finally embraced Google Reader.  I still go to the actual sites of a lot of my closer friends, but i have got to admit that I love this new way!

5.  Okay...this one is embarrasing and may get me laughed off the blog world, but it has given me joy...

This little guy was affectionately named the "zombie gerbil kitty" in my preteen/early teen years.  Being the hoarder that I am, I still have him & dug him out of a box this week and have been snuggling him at night. Here's the deal.  I need to have something to wrap my arms around at night.  Just do.  And I know that I have a husband AND a bulldog in the bed, but we have come to find out that none of us like to cuddle when it's time to sleep.  When I was a young girl I had this idea of cuddling my future husband at night...then when we got married and slept in the same bed for the first time we snuggled for a few minutes...then we were done, and off to our opposite sides of the bed!  and it's a good thing too with all the talking and tossing and occasional walking that I do in my sleep--I need a bit of space, but I still like to hug something.  Earlier this year I had found a stuffed "Sleepy" (of the Snow White dwarfs) and had used that, but it was just too back came my zombie gerbil kitty!  The only problem is that after so many years of taking him on high school trips and having him cuddled by who knows how many people, Butch thinks he smells quite interesting and keeps trying to eat him!  lol.  So there is my embarrasing joy. 

What made your life great this week?


  1. I always thought I would cuddle at night too when I finally had someone to cuddle with. Now that I do, I realize I can't stand it! I'm such a finicky sleeper, the slightest movement or touch and I'm wide awake again! So I'm totally with you on the zombie gerbil kitty, which is an awesome name btw.

  2. haha! i, too, deal with a "man-cave"aficionado. i CAN'T wait till it is warm enough to open the windows...will it ever be?

    just might have to try google reader after your glowing review :)

  3. Your Springtime trees are beautiful! We're starting to see some blooms here, too.

    Happy Easter!