Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what a tiny mouth you have!

The better to eat you with my dear??  haha i'm so clever ;)

I had to go to the dentist today b/c I am having some pain from my wisdom teeth coming in (oh, and the fact that I'm over a year past due for my cleaning...)  I was dreading it b/c I have: overactive salivary glands, a small mouth, and very acidic saliva (i know you were just dying to know all of this about me, right?).  All those combined mean that I have some really bad problems w/tarter buildup--but b/c it builds up I never get cavities...just gum disease ;) I hate going to the dentist b/c it hurts and they yell at me, but I couldn't keep putting it off for fear that my wisdom teeth would get infected or something miserable like that.

It was my first time with this hygenist and the first thing she said is "You have a tiny mouth!  Is that as wide as you can open it?  I don't know if he will even be able to get back there to pull your wisdom teeth!"  Yikes.  She actually ended up being very nice and giving me some good tips, and we scheduled a time to get one of my teeth out (we're going to have to pull them one by one as they come in due to my small mouth and lack of dental insurance.  YUCK!)

Then, she told me that she wanted me to stop using my current toothbrush...and gave me this:

yep.  i have a tigger toothbrush.

Just so you can get an idea of the size, here it is compared to a normal grownup toothbrush:

I feel silly. 

Oh well...hopefully it helps!  lol. 

Also, I did not do the TWD recipe for this week, though I did still make one of the treats chosen previously (which is my favorite to date).  I have noticed an odd trend...I have not made any of the bundt cakes except for the banana cake which was my 2nd recipe ever.  Weird...I mean, I really do love bundt cakes--their simplicity, their "freezeability", the lack of decoration (I really do not like decorating cakes).  But I've skipped all of them!  I may go back and make the coconut tea cake from last week, but mocha is just not my thing anyway.   Thanks anyway to Erin of When in Doubt...Leave it at 350 for picking this week's recipe!


  1. That is a teeny-tiny toothbrush! I hope it helps! I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out at once, and it wasn't as horrible as everyone said it would be. But still not fun.
    And I can't believe you haven't made the bundt cakes?! I never miss a bundt because they're always so easy...I'm a lazy TWDer.

  2. Poor Little Lady! I like the toothbrush, it is very cute, and hey if tigger isn't your thing Millie has an unopened Dora, just let me know if you want it ;)

  3. haha! that is hilarious...the tigger toothbrush, that is! sorry to hear of teethy woes. hopefully you will feel better soon.

  4. Okay, I confess I laughed a bit at the toothbrush, but I hope it does help!

  5. so why the small toothbrush? whats it supposed to help with??

  6. I JUST got back from the dentist myself and the hygienist commented on my small mouth too! I actually have 2 teeth (1 on top and 1 on bottom) that are almost completely out in front of all the others because my mouth is too small to hold everything. Add to that the 4 wisdom teeth that are all sitting sideways pushing on the the rest, and you've got one cramped set of chompers! And they always make me feel like a little kid when I go. They have to spray the numbing stuff on my tongue to even get an xray done because I gag everytime. The last time the lady was like "Oh don't worry. We do this all the time. I did it just yesterday. On a 5 year old." Yeah. That makes me feel SO much better. I'm totally jealous of your cute Tigger toothbrush. All I got was a boring blue one. But I did get my teeth cleaned with cookie dough flavored toothpaste though. So I guess that makes up for it!

  7. lol! i brush Bebe's teeth with one similar to that. But it's a little smaller. It's for toddlers and it has a baby Tigger on it. It's softer on her gums than those doggie toothbrushes :)

    i haven't been to the dentist in um a long time. i'm scared they are going to yell at me and tell me my teeth are going to fall out lol...but i need to do it. my teeth are okay...but my gums are not doing so hot lately. SIGH