Friday, April 23, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Hello again!  It's that time of the week where I join with Emily and the girls in listing 5 things that made life fabulous this week!

1.  Kroger. 

LOVE IT!  I've been a walmart kind of girl most of my life but lately have been converting to Kroger.  It can be more expensive for some things, but the customer service is so worth it!!  In the past few weeks I have been specifically blown away when I actually had someone help me unload my cart into my trunk (and i had a HUGE bag of mulch so that was so helpful), and today--after scouring the whole town for a container to package a cupcake order in, I asked if they would sell me one of their cupcake holders and they did for just over a dollar!  Now other bakeries may do this too...but they were so friendly and helpful.  It made my day :)  I also LOVE that they give either 4 cents off or gas points for every reusable bag that you bring in to use with your groceries instead of using plastic bags.  They don't even have to be kroger brand!  I highly recommend them.

2.  My Scentsy pay card.  (sorry, not going to take a picture of that).  I have mentioned before how much I love the Scentsy products that I sell, but this is an awesome thing about being a consultant with them.  When I've done other direct sales stuff you just purchase the products at a discounted rate--you don't actually get "paid" but with Scentsy, if a customer gives me a credit or debit card info I can put their order in with their information, saving myself the whole pay, then get reimbursed process.  Then once a month the company loads your commissions onto a pay card which you can use as a debit card or transfer the funds directly to your bank account.  Well last night this got me out of trouble!  I had run to Kroger to pick up some pecans for a pie, and not until I was in the checkout line did I realize that I had left my credit card sitting by the couch where I had just paid my vehicle registration.  Thankfully, I had my pay card with me and it had recently been loaded w/last month's commissions--woohoo!

3.  Good deals on fancy baking tools. 

Okay, this isn't exactly a tangible thing, but recently I got some items that I had really wanted at a great price!  I have really been wanting a marble slab for working with pastry.  A few weeks ago I went to one of my favorite consignment stores and found this piece of marble for $8.50!!!  and even better, I had a credit on my account for some things that I sold, so I paid nothing!  Also, I was wanting a french rolling pin but had not been able to find one in town.  I had gotten one of those $10 gift cards from Kohl's and went in on my lunch break yesterday and saw this one for just $15.00, so I would only have to pay $5.  I didn't realize that the Food Network brand stuff was also on sale, so I ended up getting it for 64 cents!  Woohoo!  I used them last night to make some pies and felt very fancy : )

4.  Cream Honey

I discovered this stuff a few years ago at TJMaxx and fell in love.  So good.  So creamy.  Mild and sweet and wonderful :)  I love it on my sourdough bread, and recently used it on my TWD biscuits.  The only thing is that TJ Maxx is not a place that carries a regular inventory of things, so I just stock up whenever I see it in the store.  Thankfully they have kept a fairly regular supply.  If you like honey, I definitely recommend it!

5.  Glee!

I love this show and am so glad that it's back!  It's the perfect thing for a musical-loving girl like me :)  I'm hoping to get season 1 for my birthday in a few weeks (hint hint hubs)

What made your week fabulous?


  1. Awesome deals! And I'd never heard for Scentsy before!

  2. I was so excited when I got a marble slab for pastry, it makes rolling dough so much easier. You got an amazing deal on yours.

  3. I just recently have gotten into Glee and have enjoyed it so much... Sometimes I had to remember to breathe b/c I get a little worked up :)