Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am "this woman"

So yesterday I commented on a post on a Christian marriage blog that really hits home for me...and apparently my comment was so extreme that the author of the blog devoted an entire post to trying to help! Here's a link to the discussion if you're interested--I would love any other ideas!

Can you Help This Woman?

In other very sad news, we have had to sleep in different rooms for the past several nights due to my sickness!!! That plus his working so much this week has made me very sad. :( Hopefully we'll get some time together this weekend.


  1. ha, i totally saw this post earlier and immed thought of you!!

  2. so i just read all of those comments (most of which i thought were sooo not helpful) and here are some things i want to encourage:

    - too many of them put your husband in a negative light. remember adn dont let the devil tempt you to think He is not the Spiritual head God choose for you. even if he has he weak areas (dont we all) he is still the man God chose you to be a helpmate to.

    - with that in mind i think this issue is tough and annoying but i think through prayer and serious talking about our bodies as temples, along with the vow to serve you and honor you that he took, i think maybe you and patrick can come up with a better arrangement. i like the ladies idea about looking for meals together.

    - the lingerie comment cracks me up, it may be a go idea but it was funny to read!

    - have you ever seen seinfield's wife's cookbook? it is all about how to get veggies in a meal without being able to taste them...

    my hubby didnt like the meal tonight either (this is rare with this man) and wants me to take it off of our list! i like it alot though, so i told him i am going to try to tweak it and try again.

  3. i found seinfield's wife's cookbook at tjmaxx and bought it--i haven't tried it yet, but have been looking through ideas...i have several bags of pureed squash in the freezer waiting to be used! staying positive about the great husband patrick is despite this stuff is one of the things that i am working on most. thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Hi Sarah! Glad you liked the comments on my blog!

    I agree that you shouldn't see your husband in a negative light. I think this is something you just have to talk about and try to make a joke about it with him.

    See if you can just get him to agree that health is an important consideration, and then see if you can get him to talk about making healthy fun. It seems that you are definitely not alone! I wonder why women are so much more open to veggies and so much more health conscious than men are? That's probably why married men live longer than single men! Their wives are looking out for them.

  5. Sarah!! I've been a bad blog reading friend this week...:( I just read your past three posts. I love when Butchy is looking over the magazines at you. Presh. And I miss you!!! And your cooking!! Seeing all of these pictures on your blog just make me want to be on your couch eating cookies or cheesecake. I love you.