Monday, September 14, 2009

"taste makes waist" and other randoms

i love to bake...this we all know. as my favorite apron (from my dear friend & co-worker, crystal) says "taste makes waist" and that is true. i had a serious fight with myself at the grocery the other day. i wanted to buy doughnuts. the "good" me won, but tonight it lost and ate lots of the flaky pastry and cream cheese icing from the two challenges that will be posted tomorrow. i'm not sure how to reconcile the side of me that wants to be healthy and in shape, and the side of me that wants to do nothing but bake. but i can't do just one or the other because it's not good! help!! for sure, selling baked goods helps a bit, but all these baking challenges means i still have lots of extra stuff. i don't want to quit them though, b/c i am learning to do so much more and push myself out of my baking "comfort zone"

my hormone therapy has sent my into premature hot flashes. i'm waking up with night sweats every night and burning up when hubs thinks it's cold! i will never be in balance...bah.

last week i made strawberry cupcakes

and cheesecake w/strawberry sauce for work.

yum yum yum! the cheesecake was Dorie's recipe and it rose super high, and then fell--probably b/c i did not bother with the water bath for it to "luxuriate in for an hour" didn't have time. oh well, it still tasted great! and i made a paula deen strawberry sauce to top it.

super high cheesecake

kitty is a peeping tom...
tomcat that is

butchy pouts when i ignore her to read magazines

sometimes she resorts to blocking the view


  1. Haha, that saying is funny and oh-so true. I have no idea how to reconcile your two desires, but I hope you can figure it out!

  2. zoey totally sits on books just like that! i am no help for how to make better choices with health, sorry... but we just need to keep praying that the Lord will restore balance to our bodies- He made them and He has ultimate power over them!