Sunday, September 6, 2009

a wonderful weekend

so this has been a GREAT labor day weekend so far, and i'm so excited to have another day tomorrow! after working super hard all week, hubs has had a bit of time off and we have been able to spend some good time together in between his time editing films.

tonight our dear friend f/m high school came over with his new wife and we had a lovely time visiting with them. i only wish that they lived here!! i went ahead and made the chocolate souffle for TWD this week and served it to them, and they LOVED it. i sent the rest home for his parents. stay tuned for the full post on that dish!

i also made a batch of chocolate no-bake cookies for hubs. i've probably said this before, but he is super picky. with all the yummy treats that i make, he is rarely willing to try them. whenever our friend used to come visit from college i would always make brownies (f/m a mix--i have actually never made a regular batch of brownies f/m scratch!) and the two of them would go crazy for them (my secret was to squirt a bunch of chocolate syrup into the batter before putting it in the oven). hubs loves to eat raw brownie batter, and begs for it all the time, but i rarely keep mixes in the house anymore. so since i didn't have a mix and he was unsure about chocoloate souffle, i decided to make a dessert that i know that he loves--chocolate no-bakes. i always hear not to make them on a humid day or they won't set up, but despite the rainy humid weather these came out great! he said they were possibly my best batch ever!

see butchy sleeping in the background

we also spent the afternoon w/my family to celebrate my wonderful daddy's 50th birthday! for dessert, i made Dorie's lime meringue pie f/m twd a few weeks ago--this time i was able to get a good picture of the pie with unburned meringue!

they loved it! (again) this time i had to leave out the ginger b/c it had dried out, and i actually added a full cup of lime juice instead of 3/4 cup b/c i wanted to use up the rest of my limes. it was SO good!

in addition to the pie, souffle, and cookies, i made a peach cobbler for an order f/m my mil (sorry, no picture, but they said it was great), and i have some sourdough bread rising right now. after a week off, i have been baking like crazy!!!

it's been great though. i've enjoyed this weekend to get some things done around the house, relax, and try new recipes.

i'm also super excited b/c one of my bible study girls is moving back to town!!! yay!!!

here's to a great labor day tomorrow--enjoy it!
Chocolate No Bake cookies

1 stick butter
1/4 cup cocoa
1/2 cup milk
2 cup sugar
1 tbsp vanilla
1/2 cup peanut butter
3 cups quick cooking oats

prepare 2 baking sheets w/wax paper.

bring butter, cocoa, milk, sugar, vanilla, & peanut butter to a boil over medium heat. continue to boil for 1 minute. remove from heat, add oats and mix well. spoon onto wax paper and allow to cool.


  1. Thanks for posting that cookie recipe! I am going to have to try those!

    Sounds like you have been busy!

  2. If it's the Bible study girl I think you're talking about, then I'm not excited about it at all! I'm incredibly jealous and heart-broken. Just one more reason to visit bowling green more often, I guess.

    Your food always looks so good, Sarah.

  3. I've seen so many recipe for no-bake chocolate cookies but I have yet to try them. I must!

    Your pie looks wonderful too. I'm sure your dad loved it!

  4. it all looks delicious! and i would LOVE to hangout Friday afternoon! just facebook me details, i am free after 1:30pm. and i would love to borrow the book too please, thanks girl!