Wednesday, September 9, 2009

some helpful tips for those seeking a job

Our office recently posted an ad for an open position in the paper, and today I was hit with a deluge of resumes to sift through. Some were good...some were...hilarious, and not in a good way

So here are a few points for what NOT to do when applying for a job:

1. Honesty is a great thing, but your resume does not need to include the reason why you left every previous job--especially when the reasons include "being terminated for missing too many days" and "an unresolved issue regarding patient care."

2. Spell/grammar check is your friend! Please use it! Errors jump off the page, especially when you are bragging about your "attentions to details" or intelligence.

3. When applying for an office job, sending a head shot is not is actually kind of strange.

4. If there are errors, random scribbles, or outdated information on a resume, take the time to type a new one--do not send in a crumpled resume covered with white-out!

5. Though salary negotiation is an important part of the hiring process, listing a "required salary" sounds greedy...but at least I know that you won't be interested!

As far as what to really just depends on what the company is looking for! I think a personalized cover letter is always a nice touch, especially if your resume is very general. If you don't have experience in the field where you are looking, give them a reason why you would be a good fit and why your personality would be an asset. Don't worry about fancy colors or fonts or anything like that, just be honest about your qualifications and why you want to work there!

The whole resume sorting thing is honestly very awkward to me. I've gone through this several times in the past few years, and I always get really self conscious when it comes time for interviews and meeting new candidates. I am confident in my ability to do my job, and feel that I am respected by my co-workers, but I always feel that people are shocked at my age when coming in and meeting me as the "office manager." It is very strange for me to see some of the graduation dates listed as the same year that I was born! Just a weird position to be in all around...wish me (and the office) luck these next few weeks! I honestly think the positions are going to be filled quickly, but staff turnover is always difficult, especially during such a busy time of the year for a medical office!

(btw...I have baked something delicious every single day this week since Saturday! I will have some pictures and recipes to post tomorrow)


  1. are any of these positions something i should have applied for?

  2. wow this is great! I got a few laughs out of this one for sure! did you get any pink scented paper resumes?? that would be the way to go for sure ;0) have fun with the interview process!

  3. #3 (headshot) made me laugh out loud. That is hilarious!!

  4. Nice. I always think of Legally Blonde when I submit a resume anywhere. You know she turns in that pink, perfumed resume to her professor and he loves it. Good to know that's not the case in the real world! Not that I would never do that.

    Love you Sarah!