Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Resolution check-in

Well, I haven't been as consistent as I would like with posting these updates, but I thought that the last day of the month would be a good time to evaluate myself.

So here is how I'm doing...the good, bad and ugly...

1. Improve my overall health.  No progress.  Still been very sick and discouraged about it.  :(  and I have not lost any more weight.  boo.  cranky.  blech. 

2. Be a better steward of our money.  Really making progress!  I have a new lunchtime routine...instead of going shopping or wandering around stores I am grabbing lunch and going to the park if it's pretty, or to barnes & noble and grabbing a cushy chair and reading!  It is absolutely wonderful.  I've also worked on a real budget to try to get a cap on my spending habits, specifically cutting my discretionary spending and grocery budget.  I'm doing well and it makes me happy!

3. Letting things go. Nothing real as far as progress, but least I'm not accumulating more!

4. Waste less time.  Not really sure where I am with this, I spent a lot of time in bed sick recently, but have gotten some reading done during that time...just kinda eh...

5. Read books.  Finished My Life in France!!  Loved it and LOVED reading on my lunch break--especially in the park!  It is just a very special bit of "me" time.  Today I started Get Happy, a Judy Garland bio.  I'm very much into memoirs and bios right now and am excited about this one--I'm always fascinated by tragic celebrities for some reason.

6. Organize/cleaning. I've had a few times in the past few weeks when the house was  I got a lot done this past Saturday and had also done well a week or two before, but it just gets messed up so feels worthless.  :( 

7. Spend more time w/hubs. We've had some good times--I was out of comission for a while from being sick, but we have tried to make the most of the times that we've had, and are enjoying taking walks together again now that the weather is pretty!  Also, he is consistently helping with dishes and that make me feel so loved!  He has also been working hard to take care of me when I'm feeling sick.  :)

8. Have time with God daily. Was not good about it last week, but have been doing better this weekend.  I need to focus on really absorbing what I'm reading instead of just skimming over the words to check it off my list.

Three months down!  How have you kept up with your resolutions?? (or have you forgotten them all together?)


  1. Okay, I am always drawn to tragic celebrities, too! All the starlit's of the past seem to have been so unhappy... Judy Garland, Ingrid Bergman, Doris Day... They were beautiful in their season. Bye for now...

  2. I havent forgotten them... but last month wasnt the poster month for progress either! Oh well... todays a new month right??